Grant Rants

Are you ready for a jolt of reality? Grant Cardone lets it fly in these punchy, funny and irreverent video shorts (2-3 mins) where he offers his bold, aggressive take on any number of issues having to do with financial freedom, workplace culture, limiting thinking, and anything else holding you back from greatness.

You’ll laugh, you’ll get pissed off, you may agree or disagree one thing is for certain, you will think!

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Are Your thoughts Limiting You – Grant Rant

I am too old or too young needs to be knocked off because nobody cares. “I’m too old, I’m too young”. This person is really saying this “I’m self centered, I’m selfish and I’m only thinking about myself.” I got reasons why I can’t do it and I got reason why I can’t do it. […]

Basic Needs – Grant Rant

You are not interested in “getting by.” You are interested in getting enough so you can succeed. You need more than basic needs to succeed. You need more than just a job, you need more than just health coverage, you need more than just an education, you need more than just a place to come […]

Bone Up! Persistence, Insistence and Demand

Here is Grant’s 2-cents in under two minutes. How much bone do you have? How much persistence, insistence and demand do you have to take care of your family? People used to have to go out and kill their own food, come home and build a fire to cook it. Now people are complaining about […]

Deal with Life Head On – Grant Rant

Hey Grant Cardone here your best friend in sales and in business you know people say the dumbest things, it could be your family, it could be your wife, it could be your husband, a mom, a dad an aunt, an uncle it could be your kids coming from school. People say what they think. […]

Don’t Listen to the People Who Gave Up – Grant Rant #283

Don’t Listen to the People Who Gave Up – Grant Rant: Never listen to people who have given up on their own dreams when they tell you to give up on your dreams. If you want to be famous, change the world, or whatever it is, don’t let them pull you down. They can’t make […]

Facebook Blocks Grant Cardone

Facebook tried to shut me down this week. There are so many social media channels out there, never be dependent on only one. Shut me down and I’ll go to another town. I was in a rap song with G Easy and DJ Carnage and they think it’s a copyright infringement. It’s not copyright when […]

Hard Work, Dedication, Commitment – Grant Rant

Look success requires hard work, dedication and commitment. There is not shortcut, there is no easy way. Success requires hard work, dedication and commitment. Look, it’s hard work. It’s all hard work. You can grab any of ten billionaires you want, I can blindfold you and say “pick these ten out of a list of […]

How to Appear Super Human

Don’t you want to be unbelievable? Quick admitting that you are human. Grant Cardone: I’m only human, you’re only human. What’s this person saying? The are really saying “I’m a walking billboard for freaking screwed up.” You are only human, man. It seems reasonable, it seems rational, it seems to make sense, you are only […]

How to Find Your Purpose – Grant Rant

Hey Grant Cardone here New York Times bestselling author and your friend in sales and in business, and I want to talk to you about purpose and the importance of purpose. I recently did an interview where I was asked about the question of burnout I said look I personally don’t believe people burnout I […]

How to Handle Negative Self Talk

Hey what are you saying to yourself? What if you everything you said to yourself came true? What if every thought you had came true? Well I thought that would be good because I am rich. Then I started thinking about all the negative stuff, life is hard, I cannot get a good break, I […]

How to Love Monday – Grant Rants

The person that says “I hate Mondays” doesn’t know where they are going, doesn’t know what they are doing. “I hate Mondays,” oh yes, it doesn’t take much to hear this one at the water-cooler. I hate Mondays really means “I have no clue what I’m going to do this week. I have no clue […]

How to Make More Money

Want to get my attention? Send me a $100. You were taught how to save money, not how to make money. You want to make more money? Throw away your mama and daddy’s lessons, learn how to give money away, get and learn to get more attention. (Visited 477 times, 1 visits today)

How to pick a Coach

Coach Burt just wrote a book, “Micheal Burt the Super Coach” and sent me a copy. He said I am inspiring millions and to check out chapter 3. Grieving your loss potential is where it all started for me. Everyone needs a coach in life. Who are you getting your information from? (Visited 197 times, […]

How to Screw Up Your Day

Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business, have you ever seen how people talk about different days of the week? You know like – “Oh man I hate Monday’s or Wednesday is hump day. Or hey thank God its Friday! Or my God I can’t wait till the weekend. When you […]

I Don’t Have Time – Grant Rant

“I don’t have time” is a go-to excuse, “I’m not in control, I’m a victim and I’m not going to win.” Knock it off. How many times have you heard? “I don’t have time.” How many times have you used this one? “I don’t have time.” The whole world is using this excuse. It’s almost […]

I Just Want To Be Comfortable

The entire middle class in this great country we live in is settling for comfort when they can have freedom. Has anybody ever said to you? “I just want to be comfortable, I just want to be ok, I just want to be happy.” Look, what they are really saying is “a life with me […]

I’ll Do It When I Get To It

I’ll do it when i get to it. Look, if someone says this to me that works for me, I’ll fired them right there on the spot and cut their heads off. Grant Cardone: “I’ll do it when i get to it,” heard that one lately? I’ll do it when i get to it. Look, […]

I’m Living The Dream

Who cares if you are living a dream, man—You need to wake up! Grant Cardone: I’m living the dream. I’m living the dream. Oh I’m living the dream, Grant! OK, really, really? You are living the dream. How many people say “I’m living the dream”? All these people that say this can’t be living the […]

It Takes Money To Make Money

It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes courage, it takes guts, it takes action, it takes the willingness to follow up and to persists. Grant Cardone: “It takes money to make money.” Ever heard that one? Oh my God, how old and how big are the lies. It takes money to make money, […]

It’s The Journey Not The Destination

On this Grant Rant, Grant Cardone highlights why, in life, the destination matters more than the journey. Grant Rant: Is the journey not the destination. How many times have you heard this? I know there is somebody standing in front of an audience today telling somebody “is the journey not the destination.” Let me tell […]

Never Depend on One Play

Do you see that bus behind me? She has been there for 6 minutes, hitting traffic–man that is exactly the kind of effort it is going to take when you start getting the right bandwidth. You are going to get squeezed, whether it is on Facebook or the real world, whether it is digital or […]

No One Will Determine Your Success but YOU

Grant Cardone: The world does not care if you succeed or fail. There is no God looking over you to see if you either fail or succeed. I know some of you are going to hit me on this. You are going to call my office and say “now that wasn’t right, Grant.” Look if […]

Rise Above the Noise Stay Productive

Playing in this world you are either competing, and if you are competing you are going to get your brains beat in because this what you are competing with. You have to rise above the noise and join us in the Whatever it Takes movement. OK most of these people here in New York they […]

Signs You Procrastinate – Grant Rant

Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in Sales and in Business. Have you ever heard or had someone say to you “I’ll get to it when I’ll get to it?” You are managing a company, a department, or a division, you are managing yourself and your own activities or maybe it’s your kids and your […]

Thank God It’s Friday

“Thank God it’s Friday” really means this; I wasted the week, I wasted my life, I probably don’t even deserve to work for this company. Thank God it’s Friday, C’mon, the whole world shifts on Friday. “Thank God it’s Friday, oh my God,” now everybody believes in God. Same people that don’t even go to […]

That is Impossible

Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business, that is impossible Grant. It is impossible I had a gentleman tell me in my office it is impossible you cannot do that. I said look I want when you search my name I want the first page to be these things, my website, […]

That’s Not My Job – Grant Rant

“That’s not my job” is BS. Everything is your job. That’s not my job, no, I’m a communist. That’s somebody else’s job that’s what this guy is saying. That’s not my job, I don’t do that, this person is saying, I am not a team player, I’m a follower not a leader, I’m not a […]

The Dumbest Thing You Could Buy

I want to tell you a secret. The dumbest thing you can buy is a big expensive luxury car like my Rolls Royce Wraith. One of the smartest things I did in my life was that I didn’t go and buy some exotic car like so many of these guys do when they get a […]

The GateKeeper

I want to talk to you today about the Gate Keeper. You guys that are hating on the GateKeeper are hurting yourself. You are not hurting the Gatekeeper you are hurting yourself. First off, the GateKeeper does not just influence the decision maker, they give you the right to see the decision maker, the Gatekeeper […]

The Secret of How to Get Over Rejection

Grant Cardone here New York Times Best Selling Author and your friend in sales and in business I want to talk to you today about rejection and how to get over rejection. 1. You are the only one that can heal it. 2. Time won’t. 3. Get over it. 4. Replace lost opportunity, with NEW […]

The Secrets About Success and Money – Grant Rant

Success and money are like jealous lovers they are immature little juveniles, they behave erratically and irrationally. You have to understand this success and money are like little jealous, insecure, erratic, irrational lovers. They will always retaliate when their feelings are hurt, when they are ignored or not given enough attention. If you do not […]

The Top Success Tips of All Time – Grant Rant

Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business, I was recently asked what are your five best tips for success? My five best tips, my baller tips, my tips that will guarantee you will take it to the next level is: No. 1 – Show up early. This has got to be […]

The Way You Think Cost You Millions – Grant Rant

Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business and in the way you think if you have ever heard yourself say, and I know you have, because I’ve done it so many times this one idea has held me back from millions and millions of dollars. And that one idea, and by […]

Time Does NOT Heal!

You are a big boy, a big girl, grow up and don’t take the advice of “time heals,” because it doesn’t work. Grant Cardone: Time heals. Ever heard that one? Maybe you are guilty of using this one. You are sitting there listening to somebody’s problem. Girlfriend left the guy, guy left the girlfriend, whatever […]

Who You Need in Tough Times – Grant Rant

Punchers, fighters, people that won’t quit, people that are willing to get their jaw broken, their arms broken, their legs cracked, people that will never quick is who I want in my team. Grant Cardone: “I’m a lover not a fighter” and they are bragging about it. “I’m a lover,” I can hear it right […]

Why Business is Different than Soccer

Grant Cardone here New York Times Best Selling Author your friend in sales and in business and I need to tell you I am now forever a soccer fan I fell in love with the sport watching the 2014 World Cup its unbelievable. I always said I never could understand it because the score would […]