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Why You Give Back

Subscribe and comment to Win a free visit to the G&E Show How to Give Back – The G & E Show: Every Wednesday at noon EST Elena and I do a show on marriage, relationships, and business. How can you run a company AND keep the spouse happy AND give attention to the kids? […]

The Woman Behind The Man

What does a successful man look like, and what does a successful woman behind the man look like? A successful man will be hardworking, ethical, courageous, powerful, and ambitious. What’s behind a powerful woman that’s behind that man? A person willing to put someone else first. Understand you are a team and understand the role […]

How to Work Together Without Working Together

You want to build a great life, not just a job. People say work is a drudgery, but if work is a drudge, you’ve already lost. Work is defined as an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or a result. Work is only a drudge if you have […]

Don’t Take Your Relationship For Granted

How do you keep things exciting and not put it on autopilot after 13 years of marriage? One big thing is to not start nagging your partner about how they don’t pay attention to you. This will only cause them to get defensive. When you run a business you have things to take care of […]

The Three P’s of Marriage

We’re talking about the business of marriage today, how you can make time for the kids and the biz. How do you do it all? Money helps. Production gets what you need because it allows you to buy the things you need so you can solve the problems and get back to the pleasure. 1. […]

Freedom & Independence

July the 4th doesn’t guarantee you freedom. Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The fact is money buys freedom. Without money, you are unable to buy other people’s time, so you sell your time to others. You’re unable to buy the things you […]

How to Do it All

When it’s just you, life is hard enough. Add a person and it becomes even more complicated. How do you get everything done as a couple? How do you get all the stuff you must get done as an individual? Use people. Don’t misunderstand this—you have to use resources. People should be using you as […]

Giving Back

Every Wednesday at noon EST Elena and I do a show on marriage, relationships, and business. How can you run a company AND keep the spouse happy AND give attention to the kids? If it were easy, everyone would have massive success in every area of their life. It takes commitment to make it all […]

Investing as a Couple

How do you get on the same page as your spouse? What is the biggest difficulty you have in investing in the expansion of your business and relationship? The moment you quit talking about where you are going, you get off target. It can’t be one person doing one thing and another person doing another […]

How Men Should Treat Their Women

Women don’t want rich guys, women want guys that are rich. Rich in ethics, integrity, ability, and authenticity. Real women want men—not punks. They want someone monogamous and someone who listens. For a man to be a man, you need to know what she needs. The list includes, but isn’t limited to, being… 1. Valued […]

How to Handle Financial Struggles

If you are talking with your spouse about stopping all spending, you’ve got a money problem. Too many people are struggling with money, but it may not even be their fault. It’s financial illiteracy. Maybe it’s the system, people being held down. We want to bring you out of misinformation and get you on the […]

How to Handle Infidelity

Definition of infidelity is the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. It’s unfaithfulness and disloyal to have any kind of infidelity in your marriage. Keep in mind though, there’s a million ways to cheat somebody, it doesn’t have to be just sexual. I (Grant) was married 1 year […]

How to Get Your Spouse on the Same Page

The G&E Show: Get on the Same Page as Your Spouse—You may know where to put it but that doesn’t mean you know what she wants or what her goals are. You can’t keep a marriage together just on sex. You keep a marriage together by being on the same page. Many couples out there. […]

Defending Your Empire

Are you willing to fight for the people you love? Who’s on your team? How do you defend the ones you love? Here’s a quick list to keep in mind as you build your empire: 1.Decide who’s team you’re on 2.Commit to defending the people on your team 3.Defend at all costs and shut negative […]

The Business of Marriage

The G and E Show—The Business of Marriage: If you ignore your business it will begin to fail. The same is true with your marriage. Many couples live together but aren’t actually together. You don’t get together to be alone. If you’re going to do things little, whether in business or marriage, it will die. […]

Quality Time with Your Spouse

Most people who feel like they are working too hard is because the reward is not big enough. What is your reward that you and your spouse are working toward? To have a successful marriage, what does it take? Here are some common things power couples often do: – Go to bed together – Work […]

How to Handle Power Struggles

Are you colliding in a relationship? Does your significant other have opposite dreams and aspirations? You have power and your partner has power. If the king and queen aren’t on the same page, the empire is in trouble. Dynasties usually crumble from within. You must know your role. The king would not do the role […]

Be Real

Be responsible and be honest—if you have a bunch of broken people around you—the ship will sink. If you want a great campsite, you have to get rid of the critters. Get rid of the alien on the ship! What does being responsible mean? Responsible means: 1) Having an obligation to do something, or having […]

Turn Your Hobby into Income

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Power Couples

G and E Show: Are You a Power Couple? Urban dictionary definitions a power couple as those encouraging goodness in the world and make it a better place by being together; they do bad ass things together and plot to take over the world; they have super powers and manipulate situations to fit their needs. […]

Commit First and Figure It Out Later

Commit First, Figure the Rest Out Later – The G & E Show: If you could figure everything out at the beginning that would be great, but it’s not always possible. To have a baby, you commit—you can’t figure it all out first. Many times in life you have to figure things out later, the […]

Define Your Purpose

Do you define a purpose and then add to that, or do you have 8 or 9 different purposes? You must clarify your purpose. It’s easier to have one purpose and then add things to that one purpose. For example, Grant doesn’t define himself in a box and set limits. If the purpose is great […]

How to Jump Start The New Year

What are you going to do to get ready to end the year?  Are you ready for hyper growth in January?   You can use failures to motivate you, but real fuel comes from success.  The more you win the more you want to achieve more. Do not wait until January. Compile all your successes […]

Assume The Position

When you don’t want to do something, remember the phrase “assume the position”. Sometimes in relationships you have to assume the position. Elena discusses how regardless of how you feel you can assume the position. So often people are dependent on their feelings. Feelings are not who you are. Feelings come and go. Use feelings […]

Build an Empire

Find someone you love and work together. How do you do this? One thing you can do to get started is to make a written list of qualities you want in a person. Here are 3 main steps Elena discusses on your way to your empire: 1.Pick Right—Find the person you trust. Find the person […]


Betrayal – The G&E Show. What would you do if your married friend had a texting relationship with a member of the opposite sex? Nobody is perfect but you have to be as ethical as you can be. We all need to be the best we can be. Treat others the way you want them […]


In this edition of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about burnout. Why do people burnout? You can get burned out in your job or in a relationship. Sit down with a piece of paper and take an inventory of your life. What is your purpose? The “burnout” starts because you […]

Make Your Relationship Great Again

The White House is making some changes, but what’s happening in your house? How can you be great in your relationship? Maybe you used to have a great home but now it’s fallen off, things have gotten stale. What’s opposite of great? Average. Are you having great meals together, taking great vacations together—or are things […]

Investing as a Couple

How do you get on the same page as your spouse? What is the biggest difficulty you have in investing in the expansion of your business and relationship? The moment you quit talking about where you are going, you get off target. It can’t be one person doing one thing and another person doing another […]

Where Do You Get Your Advice?

Who do you read? Who do you study? Why do you ask for advice in the first place? Many people are looking for confirmation—they know what they should do but don’t want to do it so they are seeking encouragement to do something else. You get advice from either legitimate or illegitimate sources. Just because […]

Relationship Vampires

Who sucks the life out of you? Have you dated a vampire who sucked out all of your energy? Or have you been the vampire to someone else? If you are on purpose you won’t suck the life out of someone else. It’s only when you don’t have enough going on that you look to […]

Locker Room Talk

Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12 pm EST where they live out […]