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Building a brand around your interests and skills. Marketing yourself so people know who the hell you are. Self-confidence in your brand and your message. Talking to people, getting your message across, and selling yourself. Creating a following and consistently delivering on your brand promise. Creating your opportunities in business and actually delivering on those opportunities when the time comes.

Are any of these challenges for you? Those problems are now over: Dre Baldwin is here. DreAllDay, as he is know, will cover all of these topics on the “Work On Your Game” Show, where Dre draws on his experience as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, brand owner, coach, speaker and author to bring your business and mental game from where it is to where it needs to be!

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DreAllDay – Have a Fearless Approach

Learn how to live your life fearlessly. There is nothing in life that you should be afraid of except death. Having to deal with cold calls, business meetings, uncomfortable situations, should not cause you fear. Dre Baldwin (aka “DreAllDay”) is an international expert in Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline who has written 14 books and […]

DreAllDay – Do Not Compromise Yourself

Uncompromising With Yourself | Work On Your Game Show w DreAllDay Show up even when the situation is not right and you are not feeling well, because that is what professionals do. Do not compromise with yourself and agree to not work a day because you are feeling lazy. Dre Baldwin (aka “DreAllDay”) is an […]

DreAllDay – People Will Pay For Speed

What’s the first thing you look at when you click on a video? Probably the length. How much of my time is this gonna take? Speed is at a premium, always. Today, Dre explains how to use speed to your advantage. Get Dre’s Book “Buy A Game” FREE: http://DreAllDay.com/BuyAGame Bulletproof Mindset Course: http://WorkOnYourGameU.com/Bulletproof —– Dre Baldwin is […]

DreAllDay – Respect The Game

Everything you do is a game. Sport. Business. Relationships. Social Media. Fitness. Money. The only thing that changes is the players. No one is bigger than the game. Your work should reflect your respect for the games you’re in. Dre Baldwin explains today what this means. Get Dre’s Book “Buy A Game” FREE: http://DreAllDay.com/BuyAGame Bulletproof Mindset […]

DreAllDay – Stop Being Afraid

Fear kills more opportunity than a lack of skill or resources could ever kill. An unwillingness to try is the culprit for most people’s failure to achieve. How can you put your fears aside and get to your dreams? Dre Baldwin explains. Get Dre’s Book “Buy A Game” FREE: http://DreAllDay.com/BuyAGame Bulletproof Mindset Course: http://WorkOnYourGameU.com/Bulletproof —– Dre Baldwin […]

DreAllDay – What You Signed Up For

When you get in the game, it’s with excitement and anticipation. You’re thinking of all the great things you’ll get out of the game and how much fun it will be. There are some parts of the game you weren’t warned about, though. And you can’t quit when they come up. Dre Baldwin explains how […]

DreAllDay – Goals Require Plans

A basketball player told me he wanted to make the NBA. He wanted me to tell him how to create a plan for doing so. I told him what he had wasn’t even a goal. Without the plan, all he had was a wish. I didn’t help him make a plan; he could figure a […]

Dre All Day – Friday Night Mentality Adds Up

You will be doing work that you don’t want to be doing. You will question your commitment. You’ll wonder what the purpose of this even is. The purpose, if there is one, wont be immediately obvious to you. Either way, this is the game you signed up for. Dre Baldwin explains the what, why and […]

Friday Night Mentality

What do you do on Friday & Saturday nights? Are you doing stuff that will build and secure your future, or wasting everything you’ve worked for all week? Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

Is Your Mind On Your Money?

Money. It’s not everything, but it’s damn important. Has anyone ever told you you were TOO focused on money? Did you listen? Have you found yourself wasting time on things which won’t make you money? Learn here today how to get – and keep – your mind on money. Get Dre’s Book “Buy A Game” […]

How To Be Truly Great At What You Do

You’re probably pretty good at what you do. And that’s cool — good is above average; good performers usually get paid nicely. But there IS another level, isn’t there? Dre Baldwin explains what that level is, and how to get there. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

Are You Afraid of Success?

Dumb question, right? I mean, everyone wants to achieve, succeed, and do better than they are now. Who the hell would be AFRAID of that? Dre Baldwin shares how you might be — and what to do about it. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com Open

Value Your Time Over Money

Money is power. You need money to live, eat, sleep…. You even need money to DIE. But your time is much more important. Dre Baldwin explains the how & why. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

Respect Yourself As A Boss

Want to be a boss, work for yourself, call your own shots? Here’s where it starts. Dre Baldwin explains. Dre Baldwin’s Website: http://DreAllDay.com Dre Baldwin Snapchat: http://Snapchat.com/add/DreBaldwin Dre Baldwin Twitter: http://Twitter.com/DreAllDay Dre Baldwin Instagram: http://Instagram.com/DreBaldwin Dre Baldwin FaceBook: http://Facebook.com/WorkOnYourGame Dre Baldwin Periscope: http://Periscope.tv/DreAllDay —– The Work On Your Game topics: Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline, Personal […]

Are You A Talker Or A Doer?

We can speak faster than we can move. And we all talk a lot — about what we may do in the future, what others are doing now, and about stuff we’ll never get to doing. The talkers talk themselves to death. The doers are the people who make happen all the stuff the talkers […]

You Gotta Produce [Pt. 2]

The producers run the show, always. The people who do it are the ones who can claim it, get asked to talk about it, and sell it. And people will pay to be around a producer. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at http://DreAllDay.com Open

You Gotta Produce [Pt. 1]

“Production makes people feel good.” – Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule If you wan to be known, get paid, and claim a spot at any table, you gotta bring something solid to the table. The people who produce call the shots. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at http://DreAllDay.com


Information has flattened out to where anyone can access any piece of knowledge relatively quickly and and usually for a very low cost. The challenge with information is that with AO much of it, we often confuse ourselves deciding which information to access when we just need it. There’s too much to choose from! Dre […]

Be Wrong

Getting things wrong can be embarrassing. It could cost us in time, money, energy and goodwill. But the best get it wrong a lot — usually because they stick their necks out a lot and go for it. Today you’ll learn how to be more wrong, more often. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at http://DreAllDay.com

Take Away Their Will To Compete

Dre shares a mindset strategy he used as an athlete, that can be used by anyone in business. It’s not about just winning. You want to win, and not need to face that opponent ever again. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at DreAllDay.com


The #1 key (of many #1 keys) to getting where you’re going is your ability to keep trying, looking at new ways of doing things, and bringing yourself to give it another go. Basic, yes — and exactly what you need to hear. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at DreAllDay.com

The Mental Game Requires Skills

Yes, build Confidence. Yes, practice Discipline. Yes, Be Mentally Tough. While doing all that, though, remember to be good at what you do — skills pay the bills and rent is due. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at DreAllDay.com

What Am I Gonna Do NOW?!?!

You bit off more than you can chew. Time is running out, and the situation is crowding in on you. You may have finally gone too far. Now, it’s time to meet yourself. Learn more about Dre Baldwin at DreAllDay.com

Be Boring & Predictable

Everything and everyone is competing for attention. The shinier, more outlandish and unusual you are, the more of that valuable attention you grab. But the truth is, real lasting success is often not exciting at all. It’s boring and monotonous. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

Game = Responsibility

Oh, you thought having game meant you would chill out, relax, and take some time off? Though it meant everything would be easy? Someone told you wrong. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

Tough Conversations With Yourself

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself about yourself? I mean, had a real conversation where you laid out all your own errors, shortcomings and weaknesses? It’s not like you don’t have them… Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com

Bet On Yourself

There must come a time in your life when you make a bet on yourself. A big bet, one that you have to work like hell to make sure you win. The moment you start doing that, things change. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com