The Comfort Killers

I am Stacy Cross, the original Comfort Killer and the leader of this life changing Movement. My mission is to teach MILLIONS how to get uncomfortable and achieve their greatest dreams.

I am an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, customer service and life expert. Currently, I am a leader at a massively successful global Airline. I live in the birth place of American liberty and Rocky Balboa ­ Philadelphia, PA. Here in Philly, we aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty to achieve our goals.

All Comfort Killers need to have an amazing partner in their corner and for me that person is my girlfriend, Shivhon.

I haven’t always been successful ­ I have hit rock bottom multiple times. Let me use my experience of getting off of the mat ­ bloodied but still moving forward ­ to guide you on your journey. The tools I create are for individuals yearning for the very best in all areas of life­ love, wealth, career, and health.

I don’t sugar coat it. If you are easily offended ­ move on.
I am Stacy Cross and I am a millionaire. I am just waiting for the check to clear.

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Focus on Income First, Then Save the World

Here is a quote that I know you will appreciate. In my weekly mastermind, in The Comfort Killers Academy, I drill this concept. It is from a great mentor who has dropped tons of value in the self-improvement space. Learn it, Understand it and then Live it.   “There is no other reason for being […]

Get You Some Haters

  I am Stacy A. Cross and there is no ‘e’ in my name! Download my FREE Starter Pack – Get Your Personal Development Plan ** S U B S C R I B E to my YouTube Channel for Comfort Killers Twitter: Facebook: Medium: LinkedIn:   (Visited 56 […]

Helping 1 Billion Entrepreneurs

Evan Carmichael, author, and entrepreneur expert,  has a huge goal, helping 1 Billion entrepreneurs in business. He sat with Stacy A. Cross to discuss his various interests and how he plans on succeeding. We talk personal development, business development and salsa! The video freezes half way through but still audible. (Visited 29 times, 1 visits […]

Build a Bullet Proof Mindset

Build a Bullet Proof Mindset – Stacy Cross To be unstoppable, to be unfaced, to be the very person that can push through anything this is what it takes for success, this is what it takes to build a lasting business.  This is what it takes to create the life you want and wealth you […]

Read These Books For Top Notch Development

Read These Books For Top Notch Development – Stacy Cross Ever wonder what you need to do to create a lasting breathe of success, your goal should be educated, your goal should be to perform, your goal should be to create, the only way to do that is to surround yourself with like minded people. […]

Get Uncomfortable with Chelsea Krost, the Millennial Expert

Chelsea Krost has a knack for EMPOWERING millennials with her unwavering approach through marketing. She understands how millennials think, how they buy and most importantly want they want. She is an advocate for the millennial generation and doesn’t agree with the stereotypes that has been placed them. (Visited 81 times, 1 visits today)

Guns & Power With Elena Cardone

Elena Cardone is amazing in person and I knew I had to get her on The Comfort Killers show! I am so inspired by anyone that takes massive action to create. She knows her role and plays it to precision – Elena is BIG on discipline and self management! Take notes and let’s get uncomfortable. […]

How to Use MLM to Create Wealth

Laura Pederson has a decision to make. It was a) carry on an average life with a nursing degree or b) Join an MLM and THRIVE. Watch as Laura explains how easy and hard the two choices were and which one gave her the most benefit and freedom   (Visited 117 times, 1 visits today)

Simple Steps to Start, Grow and Scale Your Business

Ebong Eka, CPA, Small Biz Expert, International Speaker and Consultant. Ebong regularly appears on MSNBC, FOX NEWS, FOX BUSINESS, HUFFINGTON POST LIVE, and CNN to share his expertise on starting that side hustle and getting into business using a simple approach.   Ebong shares knowledge on the 4 S’s entrepreneurs need to focus on when […]

A Personal Quest for 10X Freedom

Dr. Tosha Parker-Meredith aka “Doc” is a highly decorated military veteran with over 24 years of service. She has multiple educational degrees specializing in business administration, leadership, and training. Author of bestselling book, “Didn’t Ask, Didn’t Tell: The Life of a Gay Christian Soldier” Dr. Tosha shares her quest to overcome adversity and policy in […]

How The 10X Rule and Fitness Changed My Life

Lucas Rubkiewicz expanded from a depressing and lost reality of living out of a truck and showering in a lake to a living breathing example of success. Lucas has expanded his Fitness Business, Revolution Fitness Online to over $10,000 in a 8 month period. He grinded it out by cold knocking, cold calling and following […]

How to Live 10X

tacy A. Cross gives you 6 things that you can do today to start living outside of your comfort zone. For many years we have been limiting ourselves by listening to conventional wisdom and not taking actions that will develop and expand our life and business. These 6 to-do’s will allow you to communicate better, […]

How to Buy Your First Rental Property

Thelonious C Jones gets uncomfortable with Stacy A Cross on today’s episode, but has been getting uncomfortable in real estate since 22 years old. Thelonious built discipline in saving his money and learned that much sacrifice needed to happen in order to purchase his first rental property. Since mindset is a big deal, Theo has […]

How to Start, Grow and Expand Your Business with Gordon Bizar

Gordon is an internationally acclaimed visionary, innovator and entrepreneur with a 50-year success track record. During this period, through the best and worst of times, he bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. Battle hardened and tempered, Gordon is uniquely qualifies to guide businesses through today’s tough […]

A Story about Addiction & Victory

RJ is a 2 year recovered drug addict. He shares with Stacy A. Cross, intimate details of his past and the drastic steps he took to overcome it. Today, RJ, has BIG goals with service being the forefront. RJs story should be a reminder that we cannot move forward in our life until we completely […]

Multiple Streams of Income (Can it be done?)

Ashley Strand is a certified health coach, professional actress, multiple 6 figure earner entrepreneur – Best of all she dropped out of college to pursue her dreams. Ashley stops by The Comfort Killers studios to discuss the differences between her company and traditional multi-level marketing companies. Can it be done? Can you earn multiple streams […]

Business Partner and Investor Myths

If you are starting and growing a business, home business or even an online business, the thought of bringing on an investor for more capital or a business partner for a different perspective crossed your mind. There is a negative connotation around having a business partner or investor and during our research landed on reasons […]

Truth Vs. Fiction

How hard is it to change the tune of the same old song you’ve been singing about your family, community, environment, job, and circumstances. In today’s episode I show you how easy it is to create your own story and live up to the story! Truth vs Fiction! Let’s go (Visited 29 times, 1 visits […]

The New Year Needs Action

Description: Things are black and white – stop graying them out. If the light is on, it’s not off. If you dim the light, it’s still on. It will no longer be on when you turn it off. If you are wasting time thinking about moving to your goals then you’re not physically moving to […]

Handle Your Business at Home

It always strikes me as odd when a person cares more about their business world than they do about their home life when both go hand in hand. You can read 100 books about growth, sales, marketing, success and still not be able to attain it if you can’t take care of your dishes in […]

3 Lessons You Can Use When Starting Your Business

We all want the winning formula to success when starting our business or changing our life for the better. We want to know the specific steps taken. I watched a documentary recently which featured billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and the secret that I found was that they were both very different and very […]

This is Real Estate Investing

I decided to step outside of my comfort zone today as I trekked the streets of Oakland City, Atlanta with a young entrepreneur, real estate investor and solutionist, Thelonious C Jones. Theo started investing at an early age of 23 with his father. It wasn’t long after that he found his niche, buying homes in […]

How to Handle Addiction

I battled gambling addiction (compulsive gambling) for nearly 10 years of my life! I decided to take a new path in my life and I want to share with you how gambling affected my entire scope and what I did about it. I want to help anyone that is fighting this battle currently or know […]

What is Your Legacy?

Richard Sutton sat next to me in the seminar I walked out of on Feb 14th 2016. He walked out and wrote a book and I walked away and started a company. Through it all we kept in touch. Learning more about his first book, Fear of Becoming a Man – I wanted to dig […]

How to Get Your Office in Order

Be aligned. I have been on a roller coaster ride before starting The Comfort Killers – I was in the casinos, worried about my finances and stressed about everything. What I wasn’t doing was taking care of my back office. The back office is your mind, your finances, your health and your purpose. When you […]