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How to Be Successful at Wholesale Real Estate

Subscribe and comment for a chance to win a free ticket to 10XGrowthCon 2018. How to Use Wholesale Real Estate to Make Money – Grant Cardone: Many people want to get into real estate but don’t have the cash to get into multi-family. Chris Rood says that you can use wholesale real estate to make […]

A New Opportunity for Growth

A New Opportunity for Growth Robert Syslo Jr the Director of Production for Cardone Media sits down with Larry Spoth and Jacob Pogue to discuss Symmetry Financial’s entrepreneurial opportunity for insurance agents.  Where the start up cost is low, the team is expansive and the ability to produce high levels of income exist. To join […]

Why You Should Franchise with The Camp

Saman Bahktiar shares his incredible story of starting off as a new comer to the United States in PA to become a $40 Million Business Owner with his Franchise the Camp.  From investment opportunities, to wealth creation, and the creation of your perfect body sit down one on one with Saman to learn about Franchise […]

How to Build a Franchise

Robert Bennett is the owner of FranFinders. In an interview on Ask the Pro, he explains how he turns a problem into a money making opportunity for himself and his wife Sue. For more about what Robert does and what he can assist you with check out his website If you are interested in […]

How To Create Massive Profit Using Your Email Address

How To Create Massive Profit Using Your Email Address – Ask the Pro Grant Cardone sits down with Jeremy Bellotti of Lurn, a company designed to help you get a business started through their 5 day workshop at Jeremy and Grant discuss the productive uses of email, why it works, and how to take […]

The Best (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System

The Best Customer Relationship Management System – Grant Cardone Dan Moore with VinSolutions talks with Grant Cardone on CRM’s, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. These systems are software that helps you keep in contact with your customers. CRM’s help you follow customers up and sell them. You want to make your job easier as […]

The Stat Whisperer

William Bannon is the stat whisperer. What’s true and what’s not when it comes to numbers? How do you evaluate that? William talks about statistical significance versus random fluctuation. Numbers always go up and down. If you do data analysis, it will tell you which statistics are significant. You can get definitive answers—you don’t have […]

How to Build Your Instagram Following

Josue Pena and Josh Fort come on Ask the Pro with Robert Syslo the Video Genius. They started an organic Instagram following company together called Digital CEOS. They looked at what the future was going to look like and saw that social media is a huge player—and that Instagram is a powerful platform with huge […]

Can Women Sell Better Than Men? Kendrick Shope and Grant Cardone

Kendrick Shope works with professionals and companies to help them reach more customers and increase revenues using Authentic Selling®, a process that empowers women to make millions without sacrificing integrity. Kendrick helps women use their natural skills and abilities and provides the tools for them to sell authentically. She spent 10 years as a sales […]

What is Franchising?

What is Franchising? with Hossein Kasmai and Robert Syslo Jr Hossein Kasmai owner and CEO of Franchise Creators a Miami based company specializes in the building, selling and buying of Franchises. In this episode of Ask the Pro Robert Syslo Jr sits down one on one with Hossein to discuss what franchising is, how it […]

How to be a millionaire in Real Estate

Ray Abboud comes on Ask the Pro and talks about his rise from college dropout to multi-millionaire. He got his start with getting his real estate license because of a passion for real estate. He was strictly an agent at first but later evolved into buying and flipping, renting investment properties, and then into his […]

What is the Business of the Extreme Sports Industry?

Today on Ask the Pro Robert Syslo Jr. talks to Drew Coalson, the head of content distribution for the Enthusiast Network—the sports entertainment face to iconic brands such as Motor Trend, Surfer, Transworld Skateboarding, and GrindTV. Drew discusses how video feeds the social media beast. Brands that aren’t producing video don’t get as much traction, […]

Turn on Your Entrepreneur

Grant Cardone interviews Adam Michaels who has spent the last 20 years leading leaders. He is a thought leader in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Training and Leadership. He provides un-restricted, raw, and honest guidance and clarity to others seeking experience, insight, and tips, from new leaders. He’s got 5,000 sales people that work for […]

The Value of Appreciation in Marketing with Jay McHugh

In this episode of Ask the Pro Robert Syslo Jr, Director of Production for Grant Cardone TV, sits down with the Appreciation Expert Jay McHugh. Jay is involved in Network Marketing and talks about Send out Cards, a unique way you can show appreciation to your clients and leads. Jay preaches about the value of […]

What is BitCoin?

On this edition of Ask the Pro new host Robert Syslo Jr. interviews Bit Coin expert Tom McMurrain. The only way digital currency will be adopted is if it speaks in a language people understand. When the internet first came out there were new terms. AOL did a good job of translating them Tom’s goal […]

Stock Trading with Timothy Sykes

In this episode of Ask the Pro Grant Cardone interviews Timothy Sykes. A millionaire by 22, he skipped college classes in favor of trading penny stocks every day—turning 12K into $2 million. Today he teaches others who want to try day trading but have no idea what they are doing. He created a community of […]