How Hard is It for You to Change? | Grant Cardone TV
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How Hard is It for You to Change?

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You’ve got a lot going on. You run a business. Marriage. Your kids. The ability to change is vital to your success. You can wish or meditate but, in order to change, you have to make or become different. When I was 25, a mentor told me something that I’ll never forget: “To change, you’ve got to change.”

How do you change? Do you make gradual moves or do you wait for the grizzly bear to come rip you apart? You don’t like to travel. Travel more. You hate flying. Go on more flights. You don’t like sleeping outdoors. Maybe you need to take a camping trip. Remove your rigid thinking.

All Change Starts With You

You’ve got to change the patterns that you operate on. That means being aware of what you’ve been told and what you tell yourself. Look how you were brought up. Reevaluate all the message you’ve been told to think. Understand what you are fixated on.

List What People Have Told You About Yourself and Life: be humble, divorce is wrong, don’t talk to strangers, don’t talk about yourself.

List Everything You Tell Yourself: I don’t have enough time, I spend too much time on social media, I don’t need money.

List Five Things That You Need to Change About Yourself

Always prepare for change and don’t wait too long to do it. True freedom comes from your ability and flexibility to change your mind—to avoid rigid thinking and patterns. Remember, you have to keep changing if you want to keep something worth having.