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The first time I read this statement: “being wealthy is a choice,” was in a Robert Kiyosaki book. Even though I don’t remember what book it was, I can clearly remember what my reaction was. I was skeptical, “that can’t be true. It’s not that simple. You can’t just choose.” years later I came to realize I was wrong and Kiyosaki was right. Being wealthy is indeed a choice.


Surprisingly, I learned that it all begins with something as simple as the thoughts that you have in your head. Your thoughts are then reflected in the vocabulary you use. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become patterns. Patterns become you. Since words are a pivot point between thoughts and actions, the vocabulary that you use can have a profound impact on your wealth creation.

Below is a list of what I consider a “scarcity mindset” phrase, followed with an “abundance mindset” phrase. If you use a scarce vocabulary, it will be nearly impossible for you to obtain real wealth.

Let’s run a little check on your lexicon. Which of these are you most likely to say or think to yourself?


Scarcity: “I want to be debt-free.”

Abundance: “I want to be financially-free.”

No one shrinks their way to wealth. Who got rich by retiring their mortgage or paying off their car? No one. Ever. One acquires wealth by building many durable passive income streams. In fact, one often embraces “good debt” in order to do this.


Scarcity: “Live below your means.”

Abundance: “Expand your means.”

The entire point of acquiring wealth is to live well and give well. Rather than letting your Groupon app dictate where you eat dinner again, read about doing a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange or attend a real estate investing seminar. Secure some big investment wins, then plan an unforgettable vacation to Europe! Focus on production, not reduction.


Scarcity: “I must work hard.” or even, “I must make my money work harder than me.”

Abundance: “I must make other people’s money work hard for me.”

It can be a stunning revelation for you to learn that getting your money to work for you will not create wealth. Ethically employ the money of others – tenants, the government, and the bank – and now you have the ingredients for wealth creation (see #4)!


Scarcity: “Compound Interest is magical.”

Abundance: “Leverage is magical.”

At any reasonable rate of return, compound interest only has a chance at providing an “adequate” retirement for you when you’re older – and never wealth. Leveraging the use of other people’s money means you achieve your ROI from their capital, not yours.


Scarcity: “Let’s build a Budget and stick to it.”

Abundance: “Let’s make a Cash Flow Statement!”

“Budget” implies frugality, scrimping, saving, and cutting back. You can only cut so much to the downside, plus you’re living worse anyway. That degraded quality of life is time that you’ll never replenish. Instead, build multiple income streams and increase your passive cash flow. Your income potential is unlimited.


The battle between scarcity and abundance begins at your vocabulary. Decide what life you want to design for yourself, one of scarcity or abundance? Remember, you have a choice.

A rich man digs for gold, a poor man is concerned with the price of the shovel.

Here’s to your wealth and success!

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