Chad and Sandy Neumann- Jacksonville Jaguars Give Fans a Whole New Football Experience

If you are looking for a great football watching experience, the Jacksonville Jaguars is where it is at.  Its stadium, EverBank Field, is located in downtown Jacksonville right on the St. Johns River.  Not only is it in the heart of the city but fans and guests of the stadium get to experience beautiful panoramic views of the water and all 5 major bridges that converge to this downtown area.


Jacksonville has always had a great reputation as a football town.  It has been host to the Gator Bowl since 1946 and is home to the rivalry game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators.  But the dream and journey of having its very own NFL team did not begin until 1989 when Touchdown Jacksonville!, a prospective ownership group, was formed.  Jacksonville first put their bid in for a team in 1976 but later withdrew due to not being able to meet the terms with the city.  It was revisited again in 1993.  The city agreed to fund $121 million in renovations of the Gator Bowl Stadium which included putting in new sky boxes and club seats.  In October of the same year, the won the bid and in 1995 became the 30th franchise team.  Along with the Carolina Panthers, they became part of the 1st expansion since over nearly twenty years.  Their first game was played on September 3rd in a newly named stadium called Municipal Stadium.


In 2010 the naming rights to Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium was purchased by Everbank, the nation’s largest privately held bank.  From then, where the Jacksonville Jaguars play, is now known as EverBank Field.  It has just recently gone under renovation last year and boosts amazing, unique amenities that cannot be found in any other football stadium!  It has quickly become the best stadium in the country.  One of their biggest claims to fame is their new end zone scoreboards which are 362 feet long – the largest HD LED kind in the world.   They also have 55,000 square feet of HD video screens which also broke the world record for stadiums.  Not only do they have these awesome set of scoreboards and HD screens but one of the most unique features of this stadium is their platform ends  have 2 wading pools – one on the north side and the other on the south side of the stadium.  Which other stadium can you take a dip in the pool while being at a football game at the same?  None!  This unique feature includes 20 cabanas which 8 of them are spa cabanas by the pool.  The cost of a party cabana is $150 and a spa for $250 per seat which includes food and drinks.  This is truly a unique football watching experience!


One of the best new renovations of this EverBank Field is how they brought in local Jacksonville flavor into the stadium into their Touchdown Club.  Supporting the hometown culinary flair, you will be able to find Dos Gatos which make delicious cocktails that are from freshly squeezed juices, Burrito Gallery that not only has great food but also brings local art to their space and Uptown Market who’s feature gourmet deli sandwiches that really showcase the local flavor.  The Touchdown Club is really an ultimate game day experience that has 3 levels of floor to ceiling windows and menus that are specially designed by executive chief Tim Hoch of Levy Restaurants.


If you are lucky you can spot and get a picture with the Jacksonville Jaguar’s mascot Jaxson de Ville.  His first introduction was in 1996 and has loyally served as entertainment for the crowd before and during the game.  Known for his dramatic entrances, Jaxson de Ville has been known to come into the stadium via bungee jumping off of the stadium lights, sliding down a rope from the scoreboard or parachuting himself into the stadium.  He is also known to do a belly flop or two in one of the new pools.  You can also spot the Jacksonville Roar, which is the professional cheer squad of the Jaguars.  They regularly perform routines during home games as well pep rallies.  Known for being goodwill ambassadors of the team, they participate in numerous corporate, community and charitable events.  They are also known to join NFL tours that entertain American servicemen and women around the world.

The Jacksonville Jaguars may still be trying to smooth out their crinkles regarding the team and play style but while they are on their quest to make playoffs again and dream of participating in the Super bowl, the stadium has given fans reasons to keep returning game after game.  There was a time when people wanted an in-stadium experience at home but now, going to a Jacksonville Jaguars game at the EverBank Field is giving fans an at-home experience in their football stadium.  And that experience is amazing!

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