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Selling is Not Posting on Instagram

JUST BECAUSE YOU MARKET ON INSTAGRAM DOESN’T MAKE YOU A SALESPERSON What you’ll learn in this article: How to Really Sell INTRODUCTION It seems like a lot of people are confused about what selling is and what it is not. Selling is defined as to give or hand over (something) in exchange for money or to persuade someone […]

Young Hustlers – How to Set Appointments

Do you know whether you really have an appointment or not? If your appointment is a no-show, he lost face and you won’t be able to sell him. You have to go overboard to show them its ok they didn’t show up. But you should have checked out ahead of time if they will show […]

The G&E Show Hitting Wild Targets with Your Spouse

Sometimes it takes a long time to reach a target. Elena wants to feel good and win so when she can’t reach a goal because it’s really big and needs more than a week, she sets smaller targets along the way so she can keep winning. You don’t need to win all the time but you need […]

Top Dollar Sales Advice to Make $1,000,000

WANT TO LEARN TOP SALES SECRETS? INTRODUCTION Grant Cardone recently sat down for a short Q&A session. For any entrepreneur, the first thing you need to know is sales. Grant got into sales not because he was interested in sales, but because he was interested in money. As he often says, “Everything in life is a sale and everything you want […]

Power Players with Edwin Arroyave & Grant Cardone

Edwin Arroyave is the CEO of Skyline Security which has made the Inc 5000 list for fastest growing companies for 3 years in a row. Skyline’s company mission is to ensure sure that with their aggressive push for quantity, they still provide the highest quality of service. Watch Grant and Edwin talk about expansion, recruitment […]

Young Hustlers: The Sales Cycle

If you want to 10X your business, you need to fix your broken business cycle by getting leads that give you money. How do you do that? The 7 Steps of a Correct Business Cycle: 1. Idea 2. Attention 3. Intention 4. Solution 5. Proposal 6. Close 7. Follow Up You first have an idea. […]

Surviving the Slump – The G&E Show

Feelings are overrated—they are just emotions and don’t mean anything. You have a hand but you are not a hand. It doesn’t define who you are. Neither should your emotions. If you’re depressed, you’re probably rehashing the past. You are stuck in a sympathy band. We are better when we are looking towards the future. […]

Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone talks with Gary Vaynerchuk in today’s Power Players. Gary has built businesses his whole life. He grew his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million and started VaynerMedia, a social-media focused digital shop that helps Fortune 500 brands tell their stories and drive their business results. Gary has written 3 NY […]

The Best Digital Advertising Agency – 10X Productions

Who we Are: 10X Productions What We Do:  Brand Development, Advertising, and Brand Consulting for hundreds of companies world wide. Targeted advertising for local, national and international markets. How it works: Through the use of Grant Cardone’s extensive audience and Robert Syslo’s 18 years experience in advertising and production we build brands, convert traffic into leads, and develop organic […]

How to Turn Taxes Into Income

Grant Cardone offers insights and advice to help the middle class break out and achieve true freedom in business, career and finance.Each week NY Times best selling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur and international sales expert Grant Cardone focuses on matters affecting the middle class. Whether it’s jobs and careers, finance, entrepreneurship, Grant’s real, raw […]

How RTB.CAT Handles Ad Exchanges for Business – Jen Brannstrom

How RTB.CAT Handles Ad Exchanges for Business – Jen Brannstrom An ad exchange is a technology platform that facilitates the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks. Prices for the inventory are determined through bidding. The approach is technology-driven as opposed to the historical approach of negotiating price on media inventory. Learn more at –

How to Create Wealth – Jerry Fetta

About 2 years ago, I read the Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone. That was the first time I had heard a simplified, workable formula for building wealth. Prior to that I was on the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps. I was stuck on “Baby Step 3” like almost everyone else on that program (saving an “emergency […]

Investing – Cardone Zone

I don’t do get rich quick, I do get rich for sure. Here are 3 rules for you to take away today for future investments: #1 Don’t lose money #2 Don’t lose money #3 Get rich for sure If I don’t understand it, I don’t do it. Your Bitcoin is speculation, period.

How to Stay on the Same Page – The G&E Show

If you didn’t know the G & E Show is in the top 15th on Itunes! How do you get on the same page and how do you stay on the same page as your partner? It’s a continual process—you have to write your goals down.Most people would agree that they should exercise and write […]

Building Wealth Is Not Hard Learn – Jerry Fetta

People get lost in the mechanics of these tiny little, micro problems, and never look up to see the bigger problem. I have clients obsessing over their next investment and not even considering that they will need 1000 investments to achieve the income goals they’ve set. Wealth is easy. We make it hard. It comes […]

What Wealth DynamX Believes Part V – Jerry Fetta

A belief is simply an agreement. It is a subjective reality. Our beliefs generally are not factual objectively, but instead are depictions of who are and what our mindsets are. In other words, a belief says more about the individual believing it than it does about the world around that individual. My intention today is […]

What Wealth DynamX Believes Part IV – Jerry Fetta

Welcome to part IV of an VIII part series about the culture of Wealth DynamX. I’ve covered in previous articles, 9 values that I fight for, establish, and protect within Wealth DynamX. Here are the next 3. 1. Performance is our only politic. 2. Communicate effectively. 3. Study. Learn more: Jerry Fetta is a […]

An Interview with Grant’s Twin Brother Gary Cardone

You are not seeing double! In this episode, Grant Cardone interviews his twin brother, Gary Cardone, about his many successes and challenges that have defined him as a true Power Player. Childhood health problems, losing his Dad at a young age and getting in trouble were not going to stop Gary Cardone. His life story […]

What Wealth DynamX Believes Part III – Jerry Fetta

The belief of a company shapes they way a company thinks and acts which is the direct cause of the results that you as a client will experience with that company. Here are 3 more of Wealth DynamX’s non-negotiables. 1. Follow the system. 2. No negativity. 3. Respect time. Learn more: Jerry Fetta is […]