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How to Build A Schedule- Jerry Fetta

I help my clients treat money like oxygen so that they can eradicate poverty in their lives and own their potential. I believe we were not created to spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 years to life sentence, trading our precious time for money just to “be happy” living in fear and mediocrity. […]

Your Biggest Problem is Employee Engagement- Tim Clark

“The biggest problem facing American businesses is employee disengagement (and financial illiteracy).” – Grant Cardone Over 50% of the workforce is disengaged – Gallup “An Entrepreneur can take lower-level resources to higher levels of productivity” – Coach Micheal Burt I will take responsibility for all employee disengagement!! – Tim Clark How our clients use software […]

How to Demystify Success: Young Hustlers

How to Demystify Success Get three simple things you can do to get closer to where you want to be faster. To achieve success you have to have a plan that continues to move you forward. You have to have a target and decide what you want. Then you have to identify a vehicle that […]

Ladies Support Your Man – The G&E Show

Supporting your man is not just about taking care of the kids, it’s about supporting him in everything he’s doing. Elena looks to push Grant in order to make him better. Any positive relationship should make both the husband and the wife BETTER. Look to build an empire together—because you’re a team. If you’re not […]

401K Contribution Limits Raised for 2019- Jerry Fetta

Should You Contribute More To Your 401k? By Jerry Fetta This week it was announced that 2019 401k and IRA contributions would be raised. This is typical to have happened every few years. 401k contributions were raised from $18,500 per year per person to $19,000. IRA’s remain the same. Maximum annual contribution for a defined […]

Power Players with Ed Mylett & Grant Cardone

Chairman of WFG, Ed Mylett has built a fortune by being a closer. While his initial dream didn’t work out with playing baseball, he immediately opened his eyes to see the next opportunity. It’s not whether you get up, it’s how fast you get up. He’s now a peak performance coach and is highly interested […]

Facts About Money – Cardone Zone

Facts About Money – Cardone Zone Sixty-two percent of jobs in the U.S. don’t support a middle-class life. Today’s show gives you four money facts you need to know and three investments you should make to get you out of that life. The middle class is not a sustainable income bracket. The average middle-class person […]

How to Live the Rich Life: Young Hustlers

Young Hustlers: How to Live the Rich Life The rich life is not just finances and money, it’s waking up with a purpose, gratitude and great relationships. There are three things that you must have for the rich life: 1. Relationships Develop beneficial connections that are vital and NOT distracting. 2. Accomplishments Almost anything can […]

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Money – Jerry Fetta

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Money By: Jerry Fetta Growing up, my family always struggled with money. There was never a time we were doing well financially and we were always in poverty. I can remember being kicked out of our house, having our car repossessed, having my parents get divorced, living in trailers […]

Major Speaker and Massive Offer Announcement for 10X Growth Conference 3

LIVE on Wednesday, October 31st! 📢 I Have a Major Speaker and Massive Offer Announcement for 10X Growth Conference 3, The Largest Entrepreneurial Event on Earth – Miami, Fl, February 1-3, 2019. Get the latest offer before it expires: —- ►Where to follow and listen to Uncle G: Instagram: Facebook: SnapChat: […]

Asset or Liability – The G&E Show

G&E Show: Asset or Liability. The people in your life, how many are a liability and how many are assets? If you have big goals and big dreams you need to surround yourself with those that will help you. Get tips and advice on how to identify those who are authentic and those who are […]

Investing – Cardone Zone

I don’t do get rich quick, I do get rich for sure. Here are 3 rules for you to take away today for future investments: #1 Don’t lose money #2 Don’t lose money #3 Get rich for sure If I don’t understand it, I don’t do it. Your Bitcoin is speculation, period.

How to Build a Support Network – Cardone Zone

How to Build a Support Network Your network should increase your net worth. Surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you and push you to be your best. Find out how to build a network to change your life. Networks just don’t happen and if they do they will cost you. To network, you […]

3 Steps To Be More Focused – Young Hustlers

3 steps to be more focused Achieving your goals and hitting your targets for success takes focus. Here are three steps to be more focused and get rid of the distractions. Step One. Clearly define your goals and target. It’s impossible to be focused unless you have a clearly defined goal or purpose and one […]

3 Tips to Get More Done: Cardone Zone

Everyone can do more. Get the formula on how to get more done in your life. The formula is simple. 1. Commit to getting more done. The more you get done, the more you will earn. Commit to getting it done and not getting it perfect. 2. Do it. Do whatever is in front of […]

Are You Financially Literate?- Jerry Fetta

Are you financially literate? Stats say that over 70% of American are not. What does this mean? In a room of 10 people, only 3 or they understand money. If 1000 of you are reading this right now, only 300 of you understand how money works. What is financial literacy? It is defined as the […]

How to Invest in Yourself – Young Hustlers

Young Hustlers – How to Invest in Yourself Things won’t change for you until you change yourself and take steps to move forward. Here are three tips on how to approach investing in yourself. 1. The worst mistake is not making an investment in yourself. Investing in something is better than investing in nothing at […]

Take Your Business to The Next Level -JD Frost

Thriving business owners and families know that any barrier to success is a villain worth fighting. Enemies like inefficiency and tax confusion can cripple your family and the cap the growth of businesses that deserve to make an impact. At J.D. Frost & Company, we believe you deserve a guide to help navigate the financial uncertainty […]