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Value Your Time Over Money

Money is power. You need money to live, eat, sleep…. You even need money to DIE. But your time is much more important. Dre Baldwin explains the how & why. Learn more about Dre at

Respect Yourself As A Boss

Want to be a boss, work for yourself, call your own shots? Here’s where it starts. Dre Baldwin explains. Dre Baldwin’s Website: Dre Baldwin Snapchat: Dre Baldwin Twitter: Dre Baldwin Instagram: Dre Baldwin FaceBook: Dre Baldwin Periscope: —– The Work On Your Game topics: Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline, Personal […]

3 Ways to Hit Your Target End of Year

How can you finish this year strong? Cram 3 months of production into 45 days. Urgency is key. You can dominate the holidays this year. When people pull back, the people that lean in and put in the extra work exponentially grab market share. Here are 3 ways to hit your 2017 targets: 1. Call […]

Make Money Wholesaling Real Estate Chris Rood

I can teach a monkey how to Wholesale Real Estate it ain’t rocket science. What’s tough in this business is the skills that you need! You need skills! Skills Get The Deals! You need to know how to communicate with people, how to negotiate, you need Rapport building skills…. know how to connect with people! […]

Real Estate Wholesaling Chris Rood

Wholesaling Real Estate makes you become the SOURCE OF THE DEAL! Meaning you are the starting point of where a deal starts so you capture the most equity and value. It also trains your mind on how to see, recognize, and pinpoint what a good deal looks like. Wholesaling helps you get the best deals! […]

Thinking Small is Selfish – Tim Clark

Nikos Computer Engineering is expanding! “Thinking small is selfish.” Grant Cardone taught me that. While reading Donald Trumps book, The Art of the Deal, I was impressed by the level of activity this man produced, and with the magnitude of his “think”. Why is Nikos expanding? * To Serve more clients * To Give more […]

ANY Government Cannot Help You – Jerry Fetta

I’m often asked “what will the fed do with interest rates?” They raised them have for the last few quarters. We all know it is likely to happen again. But here’s the thing, relying on the Fed to save our economy through the artificial manipulation of interest rates is like taking marriage advice from a […]

Skyline Security Opens New Office in Utah

“ Skyline has arrived in Utah! October Marked the grand opening of Skyline’s first office in Utah.  The “Silicone Slopes” near Salt Lake City are a well known hub for tech companies and startups and Skyline is the latest company to open up shop in this trendy neighborhood.  We wanted to make sure our Reps […]

What to Know in Aircraft Sales

Robert DeLaurentis is the Zen Pilot and author of the book Flight of Passion which is #1 on Amazon in the Airport category. Robert will be taking off on a circumnavigation of the globe, south pole to north pole. Robert is an international spokesperson for flight and aviators. He’s here with Tom Alston of Aero […]

How to Stay In Shape and Close More Deals

David Karli: Entrepreneurs lifestyles can be incredibly demanding. Your time needs to be spent consumed and driven towards making your business a success. Unfortunately this often leads to unhealthy habits as you’re striving towards that success. In this video Dr. Karli discusses the concept of fitrepreneur, or maximizing efficiency of exercise in an effort to […]

Purchasing Business Aircraft for Latin Multinationals

Latin America has long been a region with vast economic potential. Businesses and executives from Mexico and Central America are often in need of aircraft, especially when their work demands fast access to U.S. counterparts and partners. Having recently attended the CIAM show in Cancun, Mr. Tom Alston had the privilege to speak directly with […]

Why You Need to Hire Ben Rife

The only master at phones, the only master of telecomm the only master you need to be connected with in the world of increasing calls and productivity to your business is Ben Rife. Sign up for a free trial of his phone system right now at

The Truth of Global Affiliate Marketing Pros

Check Out Global Affiliate Marketing Pros or GAMP here http://jayotter.globalaffiliatemarket… Global Affiliate Marketing Pros or GAMP is a solution to anyone who is interested in building or growing their Network Marketing Business. Is Global Affiliate Marketing Pros Scam? The answer to this question, is No!  I recently became an Early Adopter of GAMP or Global […]

How to Create a Revenue Efficiency Model

Business models can be limited by revenue efficiency or the amount of time per day that a company can generate sales and revenue to support operations. In this post David presents a simple revenue efficiency model that you can run your company through to determine how you’re doing and develop strategies to increase the percentage […]

How to Sell Aircraft Professionally

When it gets down to it, the aircraft industry is driven by sales. We all need it, we all support it in some way. Mr. Tom Alston recorded this video to share his view of what might support the sales processes within the personal and executive jet industry. He refers to Mr. Kevin Austin of […]

Don’t Widen the Plate – Tom Alston

Twenty years ago, in Nashville , Tennessee , during the first week of January, 1996, more than 4,000 baseball coaches descended upon the Opryland Hotel for the 52nd annual ABCA’s convention.           While I waited in line to register with the hotel staff, I heard other more veteran coaches rumbling about the lineup of speakers […]

10 Tips for Retirement Planning – WFG

10 Tips for Retirement Planning Susan Mesrobyan & Steve Watkins Virtuity / WFG People are living longer than ever, and more people are worried about outliving their retirement income. Using a Kiplinger Magazine report, and questions from Morningstar, here are 10 tips you might want to consider to make sure that there’s “gold” in your […]

Why We Shoot Content – Pixel 506

Pixel506 Pixel506 is an international consultancy, digital branding and tech company, located in New York City and Costa Rica, dedicated to improving our customers’ business. Pixel506 sees the opportunity to connect to people through the understanding of different markets and technologies. We speak a visual language that end users can understand, and we  communicate to […]

What is the Truth About Home Sales?

It’s not always about selling the homeowner on why they should sell you their house, but it’s also very important on how to sell the investor that’s buying your deal on why they should buy your deal by KNOWING the features, benefits, and advantages of the property.

How to Gain a Customers Trust – Pro Service Finder

Gaining customers trust when they are searching for quality service professionals is easier than you think. Customers are looking for a few main things when they are researching. Some homeowners spend days looking into different businesses trying to find the best one. So what type of customers are out there? The Customers Thoughts The majority […]

The Danger of “Not Knowing” – GAMP

The Danger of “Not Knowing” By Jovan Banks   When you don’t receive the right information, your brain will try to find something right!   In my sales career, I’ve had many managers tell me to do things a certain way and I did. Before Sales, my employer told me what to do and I […]

The Best Network Marketing Experience GAMP

My Experience With GAMP By Nicole King I was unsure at first, as there is a lot of stigma surrounding network marketing, however, I took the chance and my only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier. Dane Lomax, GAMP’s Co-Founder, took the time to make sure that not only I get help closing […]

Why You Miss Leads – Pro Service Finder

By Ryan Troyer Here are the top reasons why service professionals are losing leads.  Contractors and service professionals don’t create content. You want people to know your brand and what you do. If you own a service based business, ask yourself. How often are you posting? What content are you creating? Do you do live […]

The Principles of Entrepreneurship – David C. Karli

Do you think those entrepreneurial principles of commitment, maximal effort, maximum action and obsession, and all in mentality really work? Here’s a real life story that it does! Get in contact with David C. Karli through his website, LinkedIn and learn more about Greyledge Technologies here:

Money Motivation

People fail for two reasons: I don’t know you, I forget you. If I don’t know you I can’t get you money. If I don’t know you, I’m not going to go to your Twitter handle, your Facebook wall, or your YouTube channel—and I’m certainly not going to your website and buying from you. There […]