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How To Turn Leads into Customers with your Website

So you have the best marketing campaign ever and you get some great leads. You have great search engine optimization (SEO) and people click on your website. The next piece of the puzzle is to drive conversions once you have leads. It’s not enough to drive a bunch of visitors to your websites, if they go there, […]

Donald Trump’s New Healthcare Law Hurts You

Last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance that can negatively affect thousands of businesses. An executive order is when a president bypasses the checks and balances system and calls an audible which allows him to mandate new policies at his sole discretion. Jerry Fetta breaks down what this executive order means […]

How Trumpcare Will Affect Your Business

If you pay attention to current events (I don’t) you may know that last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance. An executive order is when a president bypasses the checks and balances system and calls an audible which allows him to mandate new policies at his sole discretion. I want to […]

Goal Setting for Teens

As the twig is bent, the tree grows. Click here for more: The beauty of being young is that you dream without limitations. You believe that you will make your dreams come true and become successful. As adults we should follow that example more often. Research shows that most adults don’t have a clear written […]

How to Find Your Purpose

How to Find Your Purpose – Grant Cardone: Feeling stuck looking for that deal? Can’t find a spouse, a job, or passion? You need 10XGrowthCon! Don’t go through your work week without direction, interest, or revenue. Come find it again in Vegas.

Let’s Make a Deal with Grant Cardone – LIVE

BREAKING UPDATE: FREE TICKET FOR THIS WEEKENDS EVENT AT THRIVE! This is a 3-day event in Las Vegas Sep 29 to Oct 1. Thrive: Make Money Matter is the conference for entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to discover practical income-growing business strategies, create a positive impact in the world and leave a lasting legacy! […]

How to Convert More Traffic on Your Website

The 10X Growth Conference was created for forward thinkers, trailblazers, “10X’ers”, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business owners who seek to set the tone by which the marketplace follows.This elite group represents the leading edge of entrepreneurs and business owners– a group who refuses to accept an average company, average sales, average employees, and an average […]

Stocks Vs. Real Estate – Cardone Zone

Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone compares and contrasts the stock market and real estate. If you invested $1,000 in stocks (one share of the DOW) in 1985 today it would be worth $18,950. The average cost of home in 1985 was $24k and today it is $240K. You don’t make 216K from that, […]

7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases – Tom Alston

Top Aviation Attorney Shares His Experience for Buying Aircraft By Thomas Alston Aircraft are never a small purchase, and the price tag gets very big, very fast. Like any big purchase, you need to be smart about the process from start to finish. That means assembling the right team of experts to help you through […]

Do You Enjoy Being Broke? Jerry Fetta

In 2012, I got into what is called “the financial services industry”. What this means is basically I started selling investments and life insurance. I never had a knack for numbers, I didn’t grow up with financial affluence, but I liked helping people. When someone showed me that 7 out of 10 Americans at the […]

How to Hire the Right People – Jerry Fetta

Hiring. It is one of the most difficult subjects in business. In fact, hiring is one of the main reasons the term “solo-preneur” has been coined. Selecting the right teammates is perceived to be hard. If you’ve been in business 3-5 years or more you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. We hired our first employee […]

Finding Your Elite Mentor

Finding Your Elite Mentor – Grant Cardone and Russell Whitney Grant Cardone interviews Russell Whitney for Ask the Pro: How to become an Expert Mentor—know how to present your product or service by overcoming every objection in the presentation.  Russell Whitney is an expert mentor and tells about how Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad […]

10XGrowthCon Recap

The 10X Growth Conference was Grant Cardone’s first event and thousands of people showed up for it and stayed for three days. Shark Tank’s Daymond John was impressed with the conference—he came to inspire others, which he did, but he left inspired by others. There were 24 world class speakers and you can still get […]

Get Your Mind on Your Money

Grant is talking today about how to get your mind on your money. He goes into how millionaires view their money versus how everyone else does. Do have that wealth mentality? Are you trying to 10X your finances so you can reach your dreams? Do you think the wealthy have an unfair financial advantage? Tweet […]