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What Wealth DynamX Believes Part V – Jerry Fetta

A belief is simply an agreement. It is a subjective reality. Our beliefs generally are not factual objectively, but instead are depictions of who are and what our mindsets are. In other words, a belief says more about the individual believing it than it does about the world around that individual. My intention today is […]

What Wealth DynamX Believes Part IV – Jerry Fetta

Welcome to part IV of an VIII part series about the culture of Wealth DynamX. I’ve covered in previous articles, 9 values that I fight for, establish, and protect within Wealth DynamX. Here are the next 3. 1. Performance is our only politic. 2. Communicate effectively. 3. Study. Learn more: Jerry Fetta is a […]

An Interview with Grant’s Twin Brother Gary Cardone

You are not seeing double! In this episode, Grant Cardone interviews his twin brother, Gary Cardone, about his many successes and challenges that have defined him as a true Power Player. Childhood health problems, losing his Dad at a young age and getting in trouble were not going to stop Gary Cardone. His life story […]

What Wealth DynamX Believes Part III – Jerry Fetta

The belief of a company shapes they way a company thinks and acts which is the direct cause of the results that you as a client will experience with that company. Here are 3 more of Wealth DynamX’s non-negotiables. 1. Follow the system. 2. No negativity. 3. Respect time. Learn more: Jerry Fetta is […]

How to Save the Deal – Young Hustlers Live

Sales is not complicated. It’s a fluid cycle. Not a bunch of steps that you have to take. You have to ask yourself what you can do to save the deal. First, pick the people you know. Lean on them. I expect my family to buy from me. If your own family won’t buy from […]

Focus on the Future – The G&E Show

What matters in a relationship and what doesn’t? You need something to look forward to. You have to have your attention on the future. A target. A win. I’ll take a risk to get the reward. I’m not thinking about the pain but the WIN. Nothing will distract if you focus on the future. Ask […]

10X the Value of Your Sales Pipeline – Tim Clark

As a Professional, you have 3 responsibilities: 1. Create new opportunities 1. Your best customers don’t yet realize how you can help them 2. You initiate contact in the marketplace, get their attention 2. Track every opportunity 1. Pound the CRM 2. Print out open opportunities daily. This is the only reason I have a […]

Grant Cardone Mentoring: Train and Then Do

My name is Tom Alston, I’m the CEO of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals. I’d like to talk to you about the Grant Cardone mentoring program, why I am doing it, a bit about what its done for me but most importantly, they way to approach it to get the best results. I hope you […]

Football Shows You How Life Works

HERE ARE SOME THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM RECENT GAMES In this Blog you’ll learn: How football is a metaphor for life. The Super Bowl is this week, and in football, as in life, some just can’t close the deal.  I’ve had deals I’ve felt good about that fell through. I thought it was a done deal, they said […]

Investing – Cardone Zone

I don’t do get rich quick, I do get rich for sure. Here are 3 rules for you to take away today for future investments: #1 Don’t lose money #2 Don’t lose money #3 Get rich for sure If I don’t understand it, I don’t do it. Your Bitcoin is speculation, period.

How to Stay on the Same Page – The G&E Show

If you didn’t know the G & E Show is in the top 15th on Itunes! How do you get on the same page and how do you stay on the same page as your partner? It’s a continual process—you have to write your goals down.Most people would agree that they should exercise and write […]

What Determines Your Networth? Jerry Fetta

Over and over I’ve heard the phrase “your network is your net worth”. Around the age of 18 when I began in business, I would hear people say it all the time. Initially, I thought it was the phrase of low producers who go to speed date style networking groups and are trying to downplay […]

Align Yourself for Wealth – Jerry Fetta

The first step to doing this is to decide to. Decide to be aligned. Without decided that one wants to be aligned, that person will never be aligned. By making the decision to be aligned, an individual can then think aligned thoughts, have aligned feelings, do aligned actions, and thus achieve alignment and prosperity in […]

The Worst Advice You Could Take – Steve Griggs

Steve Griggs Image Credit: The Oracles 6. Do what you love, and the money will follow. For years, I believed: “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” I would lose money on projects and say to myself: “Don’t worry the money will follow.” I had to unlearn this lesson the hard way. In […]

Power Players with Ed Mylett & Grant Cardone

Chairman of WFG, Ed Mylett has built a fortune by being a closer. While his initial dream didn’t work out with playing baseball, he immediately opened his eyes to see the next opportunity. It’s not whether you get up, it’s how fast you get up. He’s now a peak performance coach and is highly interested […]