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How to Become Known – Jerry Fetta

For anyone intending to succeed at a thing, the main obstacle, regardless of what “thing” they are pursuing comes down to not enough people knowing about that person. That’s simply it! Not enough people know about that person and what they do or are intending to do. If more people knew, more people would support […]

Focus on Income First, Then Save the World

Here is a quote that I know you will appreciate. In my weekly mastermind, in The Comfort Killers Academy, I drill this concept. It is from a great mentor who has dropped tons of value in the self-improvement space. Learn it, Understand it and then Live it.   “There is no other reason for being […]

Don’t Do This on the Weekends

Chris Burfield is the Host of Propaganda Marketing Machine on Grant Cardone TV he has built his success off of Facebook Advertising and can deliver to you outstanding tips on how to grow your business online no matter your industry, follow along and check it out.    

How to Hire the Right Creative Team – Pixel 506

What makes the difference between the best creative team and a mediocre one? How can you tell the difference? How can you be sure to find the right team for your business? Here are some insider tips to help you hire the best team for your business. Ask the right questions Many designers and design […]

Learn at the Millionaire Mastermind Mansion

They told me it was IMPOSSIBLE…. I still made it work…….I am Coach Giani and I am here to show you how to create wealth online.  Make it real make it happen and let us help you. right now. Want to come to my house for 2 days ?


How do you face your fear? Hi. I am Tommy Davidson, aka GoodTimeTommy #GTT, and I am a real estate and self improvement entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN. I have over 14 years of experience in real estate and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the community. So how do you face your fear? My biggest […]

How Your Company Name Can Impact Your Business- Life of an entrepreneur – Patrick Bet David

How Your Company Name Can Impact Your Business- Life of an entrepreneur vlog episode #26 – Watch, share and subscribe Valuetainment Posting Schedule: Monday- Motivation Tuesday- How to Video with Patrick Bet-David Wednesday- Vlog Thursday- How to Video with Patrick Bet-David Friday- Case Studies with Biz Doc Tom Ellsworth About Valuetainment: This channel is about […]

Not Closing? Here’s 3 Reasons Why –

If you’re a salesperson, are you spending too much time selling and too little closing? Selling and closing are completely different arts, and you need to master both for success. You sell the features of a product to get your customer emotionally involved. The close requires your persistence and logic to get your customer to […]

How to Get the Internet to Drive Traffic to You – Christoph Cemper

If you are looking for industry-leading SEO software, fresh and comprehensive backlink data and rich, relevant SEO metrics you are in the right place! With its advanced technology features, LinkResearchTools helps you: build high-quality links clean bad backlinks recover FAST from a Google penalty monitor your backlink profile, do advanced competitor analysis check link building opportunities […]

The Real Secret To Promotion – Christoph Cemper

Christoph Cemer has a special offer to building your digital presence on search engines like Google, Bing and more.  The goal here while working with companies like Linked IN, MTV, Disney was to create dominance on social media.  Watch as Christoph Cemper walks you through why you need this product for your business and how […]

What a Great Team Looks Like

We’re over the halfway mark for the year and what better time to look back at our most recent holiday party.  Held in the newly renovated “NOVO” by Microsoft in Downtown Los Angeles this party  was one for the books. Check it out to learn a little more about the culture at Skyline, where we […]

What Does Design Thinking Look Like? – Pixel 506

The Design Thinking process is an iterative methodology with the goal of finding and solving user’s pains and problems. This process involves the following phases, as you can see in the infographic or read below. Each phase uses diverse tools to generate insights and ideas that will pass on to the next phase of the […]

A Secret to Dominating the Internet – Christoph Cemper

Christoph Cemper CEO of Link Research Tools, has developed a system that creates wealth of traffic for you and your business, there is one crucial element you are missing in your marketing strategy.  This one thing is costing you millions for your business, costing you missed opportunities, and you don’t even know it exists.  If […]

Don’t Market like it’s 2016

Chris Burfield expert content marketer on Facebook introduces a new system one that is highly engaging and one that creates lead generation for all types of businesses. In this episode he explains the new marketing, and the marketing of just one year ago how this changes constantly and how you can get up to speed […]

How Link Research Tools Build their Brands – Christoph Cemper

Christoph Cemper CEO if Link Research Tools ( has build a thriving business on how to create wealth with organic search engine traffic.  Working with companies like Hertz, Linked IN, MTV, Disney, 1800 Flowers, Avenue A Christoph shares in this video the importance of Backlinks and why you need them. Case Study How Hertz increased […]

Don’t Take Your Relationship For Granted

How do you keep things exciting and not put it on autopilot after 13 years of marriage? One big thing is to not start nagging your partner about how they don’t pay attention to you. This will only cause them to get defensive. When you run a business you have things to take care of […]

Power Players with Jordan Zimmerman

Grant Cardone sits down with Power Player Jordan Zimmerman—founder, chairman, and architect of Zimmerman Advertising agency, which is the 14th largest advertising agency in the world. He got started with just $10,000 and years later became Entrepreneur of the Year. He teaches to live your life, don’t eulogize it! Have enough money so you can […]

Finding Your Purpose

In this episode, Dre talks about finding your purpose. Helping people always results in success. When finding a purpose, your goal should be to help others, and make a difference.

Jetski’s and Sub Contracting

Jetski’s and Sub Contracting – Ray Abboud Ray Abboud is back at it again on his Sea Doo heading to a newly acquired property on the ocean.  Working with subcontractors can be fun.  Follow Ray as he explores his new property, track updates and build something out of nothing.  Which is what Ray Abboud is […]

What You Need to Do Today for Success

What You Need to Do Today for Success – Coach Giani Giancarlo Barrazza of the Millionaire Mastermind and of shows you the tips you should be using right to get successful.  How do you do it?  Where do you start and how do you create it?  Let coach Giani tell you the exact steps […]