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Liz Nierzwicki- Night-Time Belly Fat Buster

My night-time belly fat buster will have you dropping pounds fast. Add this little routine to your evening to cinch that waist. I want to help you MASTER your nutrition. Know what to eat ALL the time. Have recipes so that you wont get bored. Know what to do if you fall off track. I […]

Do You Need A Financial Advisor?- Jerry Fetta

Do you actually need a financial advisor? Well, what exactly is a financial advisor? Long story short, it is someone who gives you their opinion on money and typically charges a fee or percentage to do so. They may have more or less certifications depending on who you talk to. They may focus on certain […]

Chad and Sandy Neumann- How To Ask for the Sale

Reading “Sell or Be Sold” this morning changed my whole day and put me in front of my ideal customer almost immediately.Taught me how to ask for the sale. I’m in the running to list one of the biggest and most desirable homes in Jacksonville FL (coming soon!) DOWNLOAD TOP 10 WAYS TO SELL YOUR […]

Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference 2 Keynote

Today at 4:00 I’m going to show you my keynote speech from the 10X Growth Conference. I want to give you a spark that will help you produce more money, more business, and more satisfaction in your life. Get the entire 10X Growth Conference Official Recording Today ONLY for only $167 👉

How to Increase Sales: Cardone Zone

You must get your sales game on! Everything in life is a sale. If you’re serious about making money, you need to have enough products, enough margin, and enough scale. Being great doesn’t mean you make money. If you want your income to change, you must embrace the sales game. 1.You have to get in […]

Don’t Build a Business Around Yourself

“If you build you business around yourself, you will never be able to grow that business.” – Tim Clark This is one of the biggest mistakes I have made with Nikos, and I am still paying the price for it. I started off offering consulting services, trading time for money. The problem was that my calendar filled […]

Build Your Ideal Funnel

Click here for more   Get a Consistent Stream of Leads & Customers for a Lifestyle-Friendly Business  (with this 14 day perfect funnel blueprint)

How Hard is It for You to Change?

You’ve got a lot going on. You run a business. Marriage. Your kids. The ability to change is vital to your success. You can wish or meditate but, in order to change, you have to make or become different. When I was 25, a mentor told me something that I’ll never forget: “To change, you’ve […]

Your Investments Must Cashflow! Learn How

Do you want Stability and Growth you can count on in your Investments? Learn how Local Lubbock Investment Firm has Consulted with some of the Top Businessmen and Investors in the World to craft what we feel is the Best Way to to Invest. Message us now to learn more about our Fixed Income Funds […]

Jerry Fetta- How to Invest

I help people make money, keep it, and multiply it. I believe that the only way to own your potential is to stop trading time for money so you can be free. The problem is, there are only 3 ways to stop trading time for money. You can be homeless which is way number one, […]

Jerry Fetta- How You Should Invest

I help people make money, keep it, and multiply it. I believe that the only way to own your potential is to stop trading time for money so you can be free. I will give you information today on how to invest properly so that you can own your potential. Learn more:

Liz Nierzwicki- Mid-Day Stress Reliever

Join Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Transformational Coach, Liz Nierzwicki weekdays either on her Facebook Page or YouTube channel to join the worlds largest LIVE “stress relieving” movement helping people of the planet stop the stress of the day in its tracks and tune back in to their natural aligned, spiritual, and peaceful nature. In sessions lasting […]

How to Get in the Top 1% Part II

In Part I of this series, I wrote about 3 statistics that will get you into the top 1% of wealth. These numbers were savings rate, passive income rate, and personal rate of return. If you’d like to read that article, click here. Today I want to bring up 3 more statistics that are of utmost importance if […]