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How to Become Known – Jerry Fetta

For anyone intending to succeed at a thing, the main obstacle, regardless of what “thing” they are pursuing comes down to not enough people knowing about that person. That’s simply it! Not enough people know about that person and what they do or are intending to do. If more people knew, more people would support […]

Focus on Income First, Then Save the World

Here is a quote that I know you will appreciate. In my weekly mastermind, in The Comfort Killers Academy, I drill this concept. It is from a great mentor who has dropped tons of value in the self-improvement space. Learn it, Understand it and then Live it.   “There is no other reason for being […]

Never Take Your Advice from a Millionaire

Subscribe and comment to qualify for a FREE personal finance Coaching session with Grant Cardone. Never Get Your Advice from a Millionaire – CardoneZone: Never get advice from a millionaire. Don’t get advice on what the view is like from someone half way up the tree, they can only tell you what they think the […]

Don’t Do This on the Weekends

Chris Burfield is the Host of Propaganda Marketing Machine on Grant Cardone TV he has built his success off of Facebook Advertising and can deliver to you outstanding tips on how to grow your business online no matter your industry, follow along and check it out.    

How to Manage a Credit Card

Rondi Lambeth delivers yet another outstanding piece of content on credit card management, credit repair and how to get your credit right to bring to you financial freedom.  Create the life you want with financial freedom and let Rondi Lambeth show you how to create it.  Learn more at

How to Hire the Right Creative Team – Pixel 506

What makes the difference between the best creative team and a mediocre one? How can you tell the difference? How can you be sure to find the right team for your business? Here are some insider tips to help you hire the best team for your business. Ask the right questions Many designers and design […]

Top Hiring Qualities – Jerry Fetta

Top Hiring Qualities    What are the top qualities in a hire? This is a great question! If you run a business you’ve bumped into this question before as I have. One of the problems we face here is basically the question of how much liability and responsibility we want to take on as business owners. Too much […]

Learn at the Millionaire Mastermind Mansion

They told me it was IMPOSSIBLE…. I still made it work…….I am Coach Giani and I am here to show you how to create wealth online.  Make it real make it happen and let us help you. right now. Want to come to my house for 2 days ?

How 5 Entrepreneurs Came Back From the Brink –

Any successful person will tell you about a life-defining or breakdown moment from their past that was responsible for making them who they are today. These entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their black swan events that caused big epiphanies. Roberto Orci Image credit: The Oracles 1. Chaos creates opportunities. Moving can be as stressful and […]

How to Prospect Like a Pro

Prospecting is the most underestimated skill in sales. People beat their chests about being the best closer, but the truth is, if you’re a great prospector you’ll be the most valuable salesperson in your organization. There are certain categories of prospects—who are you chasing? You need to figure out who your ideal customer is. Different […]

Hiring for the Right Reason – Partem

Hiring for the right reasons How to find that perfect match The number one complaint among entrepreneurs t is that they can’t find the right people. That interesting. Because when you talk to the employees they usually have a similar complaint they can’t find that perfect boss. So why is there so often a mismatch? […]

Why You Give Back

Subscribe and comment to Win a free visit to the G&E Show How to Give Back – The G & E Show: Every Wednesday at noon EST Elena and I do a show on marriage, relationships, and business. How can you run a company AND keep the spouse happy AND give attention to the kids? […]

Edutainer: Education or Entertainment?

No, that is not a typo, I did say edutainer. To edutain is to educate in an entertaining manner. You need to educate, but you also need to be entertaining because you have to keep people’s attention. Do you want to be boring or edutaining? Here are a couple of differences: Boring: Post yourself giving a speech […]


How do you face your fear? Hi. I am Tommy Davidson, aka GoodTimeTommy #GTT, and I am a real estate and self improvement entrepreneur in Murfreesboro, TN. I have over 14 years of experience in real estate and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the community. So how do you face your fear? My biggest […]

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Your Legacy, what are you leaving behind and how can I assist you with that, there is only one thing that matters, what you leave behind.  Lets see what Rondi Lambeth has to say about this

Power Players with David Osborn & Grant Cardone

Money makes the world go around and David just put out a new book called “Wealth Can’t Wait”—and I love that title. Wealth is about abundance so why would you want to wait for that? More money is made in real estate than any other place, but no matter what industry you’re in, you want […]

The Quality Of Quantity

This cliche has been repeated so often, people live by it without considering how it affects their results (or lack thereof). Can you think of many people who are recognized greats because of of how much they limited their greatness? I can’t either. Learn today how quantity is what you really need, especially to break […]