Cashflow Determines Value

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There is one piece of data that determines the value of a piece of real estate. It’s not CAP rate, it’s not price per unit or price per square feet. The cash flow determines value.

Real Estate is a place for you to protect your capital, and cash flow is what you need.

To get into real estate you need money. Use a job or the job will use you. Get great at your job so you can have surpluses to invest. Single family homes are not a business, you must get into multi-family.

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  • Joey Carter

    Cap’n Ryan, great show. You mentioned a site that has a list of banks that will UW multi fam product. There are many lists. Did you have one in mind that you can share with me? I’ve got access to gatekeepers at all 6000+ banks in the US. Specifically wanted to understand what you meant by “bank list”. Thank you