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Carol Roth & Grant Cardone

In this Show

In this episode of Power Players Grant Cardone is interviewing Carol Roth, who became a self-made millionaire by the age of 30 and has done 2-billion dollars in merger acquisition activity.

Carol Roth feels she was never ordinary, as she was born to a mother described as Martha Stewart crossed with Cher and her dad was half-grandmother, half-mafioso. Neither parent graduated from college and they didn’t care much about education.

She grew up competitive, self-directed and driven—and feels it must have been a genetic mutation. She was an entrepreneur at the age of 8, with a business under a guise of a game called ‘Store’ where she took her sister’s toys, set them up in her own room, and then sold it back to her for allowance money.

She put herself through Wharton college by running football pools and graduated at 22 with $40,000 in student debt which she paid off within a year and a half.

Listen to this amazing interview to find out the secrets Carol Roth used to become so successful!

Follow Carol Roth @caroljsroth.

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