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Financial Offense – Cardone Zone

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If you want money you’ve got to get on offense.

I was raised on the “defense of finances” strategy. It made me act cheap for years. Not spending or investing in what I should and being miserable.

I was taught that way because that’s what my mother knew. But you can’t win a boxing match or a soccer game without going on the offense. To win, you have to go for the knockout or the goal.

A financial defense attitude is saving money and not spending.

A financial offense attitude is spending money and investing.

You can’t save your way to wealth. Money is to be used, not stored. I’m successful because I do offense moves with my money. Think about this: .0012% is the savings rate at your local bank. The inflation rate is 3%. Do the math. You are losing money by having it sit in the bank.

Three Step Plan:
1. Set a Goal. Determine your financial target
2. Income. Who’s got your money? Find where it is so you can get it. Earn it.
3. Invest. Find something to invest in that will reproduce money.

Implement the 95/5 Rule.
– 95% of your time, effort and energy needs to be dedicated to finding and making money.
– 5% of your time, energy and effort should be spent on expenses.

And, always have a daily goal, weekly goal, monthly goal, year goal, life goal. This keeps you focused and your targets and your energy spent in the right place. Once set, revisit and update them often.

Position yourself around people that are similar and that are producing money. If you play golf, you need to find a golf course. The same is true of money. If you want money, go where the flow is.

When you go on the offense great things happen!

Be great,


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