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There is one question I get asked continually. It’s not “how do you make so much money?” or “how can I grow my business?”, even though I do get asked those types of questions frequently. The one question I continually get now is, “When is enough, enough?” Many people are shocked that I don’t believe I have “enough”. They think it’s stupid, they think it’s wasteful.What if I told you that there is no such thing as enough? You don’t know what enough is unless you know what the threat is. Most people don’t have enough, let alone enough to retire. At what number would you consider somebody rich?

“A couple million”
“One million”
“2.5 million”

Leave your comments below, what is enough?

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  • Dan Gedal

    Hey there,
    Why is the Cardone Zone audio not working??? Can’t hear anything as I usually do. I’ve pulled up other videos / podcasts just now to test it….seems to be on your end CardoneZone

    • Joe

      Try the volume control in lower right of the screen, I had the same problem

      • Dan Gedal

        Thanks Joe. Not seeing any volume button on disqus platform. Strange, as I’ve never had this issue. I’ll have to wait til next live show to check. -Dan

  • If 1/3 of the US will be out of work by 2030, what will that mean for the stability of rent and the real estate market in general?