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Cardone University Licensee? Learn to Sell at Seminars – Ted McGrath

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How To Build a Six Figure Live Event Business With Seminars, Workshops, Or Retreats in 120 Days or Less While Making a Difference


Dear fellow Speaker,
Are you tired of not sharing your real voice with the world?
Would you like a stage to express your life’s work and purpose on this planet?
Isn’t time that you learned how to get paid leading live events?
Your time to own the spotlight BEGINS Today…
No More Putting Your Dreams and Your Voice on Hold.
It’s time to make speaking a real career that gets you PAID to make a difference.
You have a gift to share through speaking.  You have a chance to make a real difference in the lives of others IF you can get in front of them and motivate people to take action with you.
But How?  Where do you begin?  How do you even get booked on stage?
The challenges are real – it isn’t easy to start out as a new speaker or even if you’ve

been speaking on stages for a while, the burn-out rate is pretty high.
  •   Less than 10% of the audience says YES to your offer
  •   Your room is full of the wrong people or your rooms are empty
  •   You don’t have a high-end offer – BIG MISTAKE
  •    You’re afraid to sell from the stage (it’s ok, but you need to fix it)
  •    You’re not confident and you’re not connecting with your audience
  •    You don’t use the power of story to sell
  •    You don’t know where to begin
The list goes on…
I know because I’ve personally worried over all of the above.
Anything sound familiar?