Can Your Business Survive Service Outage?

In a world where nothing can be certain, running a successful business takes careful planning. Service outage is one of the unpredictable risks businesses face every day.  It can directly affect the growth and survival of the business. One of the worst types of outages that can paralyze your business is communication outage.
When your business communication tools are down, it becomes impossible to coordinate any disaster recovery efforts. It makes team collaboration impossible, creates a backlog of work, and creates chaos. Communication outage is a nightmare for project managers and remote workers.
Communication should be first on the checklist of every disaster recovery plan because many emergency or disaster recovery steps start with communication.
Most failed disaster recovery measures are usually a result of poor communication. When you plan your disaster recovery plan you have to consider the total direct and indirect costs you will incur, such as the loss of sales revenue, employee productivity, IT recovery costs, business reputation, etc.
The exact damages of communication outage are difficult to predict; however, with a well-designed disaster recovery plan, it is easy to prevent them from happening.
A disaster recovery plan should be affordable, easy to understand, and easy to execute in the time of disaster. Business phone systems are designed to be a lifeline to business communication. Unfortunately, many legacy telephone systems are costly to maintain and prone to service outages. As a result, most businesses are switching to a Unified Communication system. Unified Communication should be one of the major components of a company’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan. It monitors service outages and allows business communication to continue despite the outage.
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