How to Take on a Big Competitor: Caffebene v. Starbucks

Great companies often grow to dominance by create a new category and, for a time, their lead seems insurmountable. Consider Red Bull, Gatorade, and Under Armour But if you know what strategies to apply against an overpowering Goliath you can win. Consider that Xerox, Tupperware, and Kleenex.

Caffe Bene is seeking to overtake Starbucks as the coffee shop chain category leader and they are off to an amazing start. In just 6 years this South Korean start-up how grown to 1,600 stores across the globe. It took Starbucks 10 years to reach that scale.

Can Caffe Bene keep up its momentum? Will it be the contender that Starbucks has been worried about? We dig in to find out how they have achieved such breakthrough growth and what strategies they are employing to win.

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