Buying VS. Renting Sneak Preview

Young Hustlers Grant Cardone, CEO, and Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales, take on the

issues of the millennial entrepreneur world. Generation Y, Generation X, 30-

somethings live in a world were they are called lazy, entitled and dependent. Grant

and Jarrod know the truth and how dominant the Millennials are in the business


Take the time to do the math. Is it more beneficial to rent or to buy?

You need to listen to the Godfather of Business.

Renting fears:

• Could be paying down debt

• Wasting their money

• No write off

The home is no longer a primary investment for people. You need to be nimble. You

need to be able to go where the opportunities are. We aren’t in a time of picket

fences and living in one town your whole life.

The government wants you fixated in a place so they can depend on you.

Listen to the full episode to hear the rest of their awesome tips on renting versus


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