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Why Business is Different than Soccer

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Grant Cardone here New York Times Best Selling Author your friend in sales and in business and I need to tell you I am now forever a soccer fan I fell in love with the sport watching the 2014 World Cup its unbelievable. I always said I never could understand it because the score would be 0-0 for 89 minutes and be 1-0 after 90 minutes and then they give the guys another three minutes which I still don’t understand but I imagine it is about penalties. I don’t understand the game just yet but I have to say these guys are the best trained athletes in the world. And I have great respect for anybody that plays at that level. However, do not confuse soccer with business if you think that in business and in life you can win with a 1-0 score you are wrong. You cannot cut it that close in life and in business, you might be able to do it in soccer and you might be able to do it every once in a while but you cannot afford to do this in business and in life. You need big scores and you need to be scoring all the time. If you are not scoring all the time you need to be on offense 90% of the time. You need to kick for the goal 90% of the time. I do not care if you miss every time increase the number of shots you take, that you are on offense, that you are making a play for the goal, that you are going for it that you are taking a swing, a kick or a puck or whatever it is that you do in your business and your life – writing a deal, asking for the close, increase the amount of time you are on offense because business and life ain’t like soccer!

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