How Broke Are Millennials? This Broke. by Jordan Weissmann

“Millennials are broke because the Great Recession hit them at the exact time they were entering the job market. Combine that with the failing financial information passed on by their parents—on education, a career, and home buying—and you have a travesty.

Millennials are failing financially because:
1) They only making enough money to live
2) They don’t have any emergency funds
3) They have no money to invest
4) They have no choices because you have no money

They don’t have a debt problem. They don’t have a spending problem. They have an income problem.” – GC

How Broke Are Millennials? This Broke. by Jordan Weissmann

The millennials landed on the job market at a miserable moment in economic history. On the upside, that should give us something to lord over our children when we’re middle-aged and cranky. On the downside, our poor timing will probably depress our incomes for some time to come, since graduating into a recession can drag down your earnings for years.

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