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Brad Lea & Grant Cardone

In this Show

Want a massive lesson from a dominator in the entrepreneurial world? Grant talks with people from the bottom to the top who have made it, but you may not know of them yet.

How do you do $1-million/month without traveling the world networking?

Brad’s story begins in a small town in Eugene, Oregon with a population of roughly 1500. He has been lower class, went to middle class and back then would have thought he was rich. Unfortunately his uncle had allowed their insurance at their bar to lapse and a patron had an accident; the lawsuit wiped them out financially and they went back to lower class… but kept their high class taste. This was at the age of 12.

Since he was a kid he was always interested in making money. He would buy packs of gum cheap at the store and sell it to kids for profit at school. This continued on through his adolescence into his adult years.

When he was a teenager he wanted a car and his father told him to go and earn his own.

Brad Lea’s company is a web-based interactive training and communication platform to create large-scale recurring revenue. His company, which he grew from the ground up, is now earning $20-million this year, and expanding every year.

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