Boom Your Business Strategist with Shannon Lavenia and Grant Cardone

Shannon Lavenia is a “PassionPreneur” filled with love for business and enterprise. Most people are taught to live in “the box”. Get a degree. Get a job. Work your way up and live contently in the nine-to-five. Shannon wants to boom your business and your life and she talks with Grant in this special podcast about why he wrote the 10X Rule, how people can push through obstacles, and how you can tap into your purpose. Grant confesses when he first found out about Twitter he thought it was a stupid concept. Then he changed his think and got into it and it blew up. Grant is now on Snap Chat at 58 years old engaging with an audience of teenagers. Get known! There is know shortage of money. Nobody teaches about money or how to make money. Shannon endorses Cardone University as another path besides going to traditional University. Check out it out at

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