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Bitcoin Vs Real Estate – Real Estate Investing Made Simple

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When it comes to investing, I’m taking the real estate play every time. It’s a real asset that you can touch, feel, and see. It generates income that I can leverage for other investments, just to name a few advantages. What are the difference between Real Estate and Cyrpto? A lot of people are asking what’s a better investment than real estate. I believe cryptocurrency will make it at some point, but it’s not there yet. Here are some of the differences between the two:

Real Estate:

Real asset
Long-term investment
Generates income
Wait for capital appreciation


Long-term speculation
Doesn’t pay monthly
Digital ledger
Hope of capital appreciation

Should you Invest in Real Estate or Bitcoin?

If I only had 50k, I would take that money and invest in my energy. I’d make sure I eat healthily, have the right clothes, take care of my wife, make sure my kids are happy, and learn new skills that can pump up my income. The only thing that will make you money is you.

If you have 100,000 or more, make your first investment in something real that will pay you money. When I look at investment, I look at what will pay me cash every month. Income gives me confidence. There’s a reason why 90% of all money is tied into high-end real estate deals—because it’s been a proven winner over time.