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Billionaire Magic Tricks with Naveen Jain, Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone

In this Show

Could you guess what number someone has on a dice just by looking into their eyes? We were in Vegas and my friend Naveen Jain did it multiple times. What I want to know, more than how he does that, is how he got a billion dollars. How about you? Come check out billionaire Naveen Jain at

This is going to be the best conference for entrepreneurs of all-time.

Day 1 – 10X Sales Growth 

The first day of the 10X Growth Conference will open bringing you CEOs of top companies doing in excess of $100 million a year in sales. These are real executives of real companies. Learn first hand how they scaled their companies from an idea to a 10X powerhouse. Discover the mistakes they made along the way and how you can avoid getting caught in the same traps. Learn the leadership and growth strategies that they employed to drive sales and revenues over $100,000,000, and hear from them what they see and what they are planning for the next 3-5 years in the economy. 

Day 2 – 10X Marketing and Branding

Ready to get your message out to the Marketplace? Day 2 will focus on creating omnipresence in the marketplace about your product, service, and brand. You will get to learn from industry experts cutting edge strategies and tactics for Marketing, Websites, eCommerce, SEO, Online Sales Funnels, Social Media, Branding, and Lead Generation. Learn how the Grant Cardone brand went from unknown to being a household name and how you can do the same!

Day 3 – 10X Success

The final day of the conference will focus on maximizing your personal and professional potential. Learn how you can take your current levels of production, efficiency, motivation, income, and happiness to peak levels. The speakers of the day will share actionable strategies that will help amplify the intangible things in life. You will learn how to influence change in the culture of your business and help foster the 10X mindset in all that you do in business and in life. 

10X Growth Conference 2018

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