The biggest, baddest threats we face over next 10 years by Kim Hjelmgaard

“Here is a list of threats posted by USA Today that you should be concerned about over the next 10 years. After reading the list I thought about all my friends and the people that follow me, and wanted you to see it. DO NOT READ THE THINGS OUTSIDE YOUR CONTROL–war, terrorism, fraud, technological advances…the list goes on and on.

Your business, economics, family, your time, brand, attitude, physical condition, and education are the things that you can control and should be the only threats you are concerned with.” – GC

The biggest, baddest threats we face over next 10 years by Kim Hjelmgaard

The World Economic Forum on Thursday released its annual Global Risks report ahead of the group’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, next week.

The 2015 edition — the WEF’s 10th such report — canvasses the knowledge of over 900 leading experts and decision makers from across the globe to assess, in the report’s own words, “the perceived impact and likelihood of 28 prevalent global risks over a 10-year time frame.”

The report says that the most pressing threat to the stability of the world in the next 10 years comes from the risk of international conflict. The direct impact of these inter-state conflicts will lead to severe water crises across the planet, it says. The report also concludes that environmental risks are far graver than any economic ones.

Read the full article at: USA Today

The full report is available here: World Economic Forum: Global Risks 2015 Report

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