Better Off Than a Homeless Guy?

Great salespeople don’t stay busy, they stay productive. I’ve done them both—I’ve been very busy and I’ve been very productive. There is a difference. What you want is to be busy, but extremely productive. This is what the greats do, they don’t measure activities and efforts. They measure productivity. They don’t do tasks and lists, which results in paperwork, organizing, preparing, and filing. The greats get visibility and attention and business. Don’t go home and tell your kids, “I didn’t sell anything but I got organized and got my desk all pretty”.

Average people stay just busy.
The greats are productive.

Besides being unproductive, here are 3 more mistakes most people make:

#1 Comparing to Others

A common problem is thinking to yourself that you are better off than someone else. 76% of all working Americans live paycheck to paycheck. We’re not talking rich—we’re talking barely getting by. I know people in the US who compare themselves to people in 3rd World Countries. Never ever compare yourself to someone else’s financial condition. There’s always someone worse off and there’s always someone better off. You’re better off than the homeless person and you’re way worse than Warren Buffet.

Never justify your condition based
on another’s situation.

#2 Investing in Trends

Avoid investing in the latest, greatest technologies. By doing this you will pass up some huge hit, some home run grand-slam investment. I’ve done it for 30 years and there are 3 companies I should have gone all in and I didn’t—but there was one thing I did that I went all in on that changed everything for me. I can’t have it all. Warren Buffett invested in electricity, railroads, banks, insurance, soft drinks, candy—but he swore he’d never invest in technology until he bought into IBM. Now IBM is morphing itself away from technology into service of corporations and will never go away. Do not get lured in by the latest greatest hottest technology that comes today and where most is gone tomorrow—and very few change the world forever. Don’t get on the rollercoaster ride. There is uncertainty, you’re scared, they go up and they go down and you get scared and sell and the money is gone. Take the longer slower ride that guarantees the arrival of wealth—real money, long term money.

You don’t get rich quick and you
definitely don’t get wealthy quick.

#3 Trusting Without Proof

The single biggest financial mistake I’ve made was naively trusting a group of people because I liked them and because it felt right and because they had given me comfort. It felt so good I struggled to ask them for proof. Of everything they presented—their financial condition, how the company was doing—I failed to get proof. Instead, I went with feelings and I was deceived. By the time I had figured out I had been deceived, I was out millions of dollars. Disregard your feelings. If you can’t ask someone for solid evidence, if you feel so good about the people that you can’t say “show me”, show me your bank statement, show me where you made that money, show me that exact number that you just stated, if you can’t ask those questions—don’t go into business with them. People betray other people, it happens.

Conservation means that you need to have a steward with enough ethics to say
“show me, don’t tell me”

Avoid the financial mistakes of comparing yourself to others, investing in trends, and trusting without proof. Stay busy and productive—not just busy—and you’ll get on the right financial track. If you are serious about wanting to become a millionaire, get on my newest program Playbook to Millions. I’m helping people financially every month and I want to help you too. It’s a $5,400 program on sale for just $495—this deal ends TONIGHT at midnight.

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