The Best Salespeople Make the Most Money

What does it take to become great in sales? The great salespeople make the most money. If you think you’re a great closer, show me your paycheck. The greats get the most money. Here are 5 tips to become great (and make baller money).

#1 Get your Financial Literacy Right

41% of Millennials are “chronically stressed” about money, and only 17% feel they have a great deal of experience or knowledge in personal finance. You won’t get great in sales if you don’t even understand money and how it works. You have to know things like income is king, the 40% rule, when to use debt, how to stay broke (yes you read that right), and to have an abundance mindset. Without financial literacy, you cannot become great in sales.

#2 All the Money is in the Follow-Up

In many ways, the follow-up call can be more challenging than the cold call, and nobody wants to do the cold call. It’s the follow-up call that really gets a sales cycle rolling. The client showed interest and now they don’t. How do you get them re-interested? When I make a call, I actually make 6 or 8 phone calls.

When I call a company and ask for Bob and Bob’s not there, I ask for his voicemail. I leave a message and then call the receptionist again and ask who is underneath Bob. She says it’s Jack, then I ask for Jack and get his voicemail. “Hey, Jack I just left a voicemail with Bob and wanted to leave a voicemail with you, here is my number.” Then I go back to the receptionist and ask for who is under Jack. Shelly is. I call her and she finally picks up. It’s the first contact of the day. You see, I don’t just leave messages, I always talk to somebody.

#3 Train Daily

Most sales training is a reactive response to a lack of production, but sales greats do their sales training as a proactive enhancement of skills rather than a knee-jerk response. No matter how the sales training is delivered; onsite, offsite, online or in classroom, the number one reason sales training fails, is due to a lack of frequency.

If you want ROI on your sales training, you must do it every day, even multiple times per day.

Any athlete, any industry pro will validate this: Greatness doesn’t come without training.

The bottom line is great salespeople make big money. Anyone who tells you they are great in sales should have tens of millions of dollars, or they are all talk (and no sales).  

I’ve created 5 different Cardone University Business Certifications to get you on the fast path to financial success. This is training that will make you great, and bring you big money.

Be great,


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