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Be Real

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Be responsible and be honest—if you have a bunch of broken people around you—the ship will sink. If you want a great campsite, you have to get rid of the critters. Get rid of the alien on the ship! What does being responsible mean? Responsible means:

1) Having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one’s job or role

2) Being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it.

3) Of a job or position, involving important duties, independent decision-making, or control over others.

It is a myth and falsehood to think that success just happens or that it just happens to some people. You are the source, the generator, the origin, and the reason for everything—both positive and negative. This is not meant to simplify the concept of success, of course, but until you decide you are responsible for everything, you likely will not take the action necessary to get you above the game.

Assume responsibility for everything. That includes getting yourself to 10X GrowthCon. You can make excuses about the price, the distance, the time commitment—or you can take responsibility for your growth, your success, and your life and get down here. It will be the best conference you’ll ever attend.

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