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Without a doubt, constant economic fluctuations and ever evolving business practices cause stress for law firms each day. In today’s economy, unless law firms adopt a game-changing technology, it is difficult to survive.  One of the unique challenges law firms face is a lack of collaboration and communication tools.  It is becoming abundantly clear that a next-generation business phone is a must-have tool for any modern law firm.


Here are the main benefits of a modern business phone system for law firms:

1. Mobility: A modern business phone system comes with a phone application that can run on almost any device. This means lawyers and other law professionals are no longer chained to their desk phoneThis also means that they can be more accessible and meet clients at their convenience.


2. Secure Communication: One of the main concerns of law firms is keeping sensitive information secure. With a modern business phone system, law firms can ensure client privacy with encrypted chat, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

As a result, clients will be assured that their sensitive data is kept from the wrong people.


3. Record Management: Law firms gather and manage records for their clients – some of which becomes evidence used during a court case. A modern phone system gathers useful data including a detailed call history, call duration analysis, call recording, and so much more on a cloud. This organized data can provide the ability to locate important information and streamline business processes effectively.


4. Collaboration: Many times, lawyers will work with multiple firms and various governmental and nongovernmental agencies when building a case. This brings a unique challenge in communication and collaboration. Firms that use a modern business phone system can enhance their communication and collaboration process by using features like screen sharing, video conferencing, and presence. With a modern business phone system, law firms can easily integrate their existing applications like email, calendar, cloud storage, etc.


5. Cost: In most cases, any increase in any type of business expense directly affects profit. The cost of running an outdated business phone system increases as parts and skilled labor are harder to find. In addition, old phone systems use the old telephone lines that may require a higher price per usage or cost more to add a line. Modern VOIP business phones are hosted on the cloud; therefore, it costs much less per usage and does not necessarily overcharge the user for roaming or international calls.

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