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The way most modern businesses run their business is changing. Business is not limited by distance anymore.

Nowadays, businesses handle a lot more leads, prospects, and clients than they used to. Without using the right CRM, the workload would be unbearable for most small and medium businesses. The following are the direct and indirect relationships between CRM and modern business phones.

1. Convenience: In every process of a customer relationship, communication is crucial. Using a modern phone that comes with a softphone lets you call your prospects or clients from your desktop with one click. The softphone feature of a modern business phone system makes calling easy and convenient from any device. In customer relationship management, every second matters. Businesses with a modern business phone system can quickly close deals.

2. Analytics and data: Modern business phones give you the best analytical data that enables you to monitor your process. The information gathered by your business phone system can add valuable data to your CRM. This will free you up to focus on your sales process instead of taking notes of your interaction, time of the call, call duration, etc.

3. Collaboration: A modern business phone system makes team collaboration effortless. You can share a screen, make a video call, or attend training and conferences remotely. This is a great addition to your CRM management ability. It allows you to demo products from the comfort of your office and to expedite your sales processes.

4. Flexibility: Modern business phones can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This allows employees to work from anywhere or any device. You run your business phone application and your CRM on the same platform. It gives you the freedom to work in any environment.

5. Accessibility: Most CRM allows you to embed your modern business phone making it easy for you to call your prospects from your CRM. This allows you to access customer information during your interaction with your clients.


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