Become OBSESSED With Being Positive

Do you want to cheer up, get positive, and have a great attitude to the world today? A great attitude has to be delivered, it’s not about you talking to yourself in the mirror, it’s about you getting your head on right and communicating positively. You don’t have to feel good to have and project a great attitude. Maybe you are getting over the flu or your girlfriend just left you, but you can still communicate a great attitude. The easiest way to deliver a great attitude is by your actions.

Here are 20 ways you can be positive today:

1. Smile because the world isn’t. People aren’t looking look at you or saying nice things to you, but what if you were that smiling beacon? Smiling all the time is one of the great traits of successful people.

Remember how bad it was for Hillary because she didn’t smile?

2. See problems as opportunities. This is the biggest difference between rich and poor people. Poor people don’t want problems—unsuccessful people hate problems. They avoid problems with distractions and never come up with solutions.

3. Talk positive and start saying yes more often. Even faking positive energy makes you feel better.

4. Work a plan. Get your schedule and start working it. Having a plan keeps you positive, you know you’re going someplace.

5. Show up early. Get there so early you are the first one there.

6. Stay late because people that stay late reflect a great, positive attitude. If you can’t wait until 5 or 6 o’clock so you can run home, you don’t have a great attitude. Until you get great at production, you need to arrive early and stay late.

7. Train constantly. Always be learning.

8. Focus on the solution. Don’t have your eyes fixed on the problem. Be solution oriented. You want to focus on problems to turn them into solutions. If you want wealth you need to look for solutions to big problems.

“The bigger the problems and the more people who benefit from the solution, the more powerful your success will be.”

9. Take high levels of action. Have lots of activity. This can cause problems but will keep you out of trouble. You can’t get into trouble while you are being productive.

10. Stay busy. Do something. Bored people tend to be more negative.

11. Share the positive and cut out the negative. One reason so many people are so negative is because they surround themselves with negativity and pass it on.

12. Don’t quit. Be relentless. Negative people are quick to give up, positive people push on.

13. Seek new challenges. The harder it is to see a client, the more interested you should be. Challenges are exciting.

14. Read books. The greats never stop learning.

15. Focus on potential. Don’t focus on what you’ve already done. Keep your eye on the future.

16. Be Goal focused, not work focused. People can work 15 hours a day because they aren’t operating like they are at work, they are achieving their goals.

17. Don’t complain. If your back hurts, if you can’t get the right girl, whatever it is, you aren’t solving the problem when you are complaining.

18. Be grateful. Even if you are homeless, you can find something to be grateful about. This doesn’t mean you are satisfied.

19. Motivate others. Push the people around you to be better.

20. Refuse to take no for an answer. This goes with being relentless.

The fact is, the majority of people are negative, so when you start giving positive energy you’ll stand out. When you can change your attitude, you can change theirs. Changing the world always starts with you, and changing you begins with changing your think.

If you are a salesperson, you need to change your customer’s attitude, but you can’t do that without controlling your own attitude. I want you to replace your obsessed with the negative with an obsession for a POSITIVE life. The media, the news, the Internet, all of it spews negative information every day all over everyone on every platform they have available. When there is a positive story, no one sees it because it’s buried by garbage.

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Be great,


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