Be "That Person (that you want or need in your life) For Someone Else"
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Jamethy Lyman Peters- “That Person (that you want or need in your life) For Someone Else”

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1st Hail Storm that I’ve seen in Loveland, Colorado…and, just thinking about the holidays, today is 4th of July and the importance of not allowing yourself to be isolated, reaching out to other brothers and sisters in need, remembering those people who had a big impact on your life and how they went out of their way to help you… I found that in the past, when I had allowed myself to stay in a depressed mindset, and then only thinking about myself and my issues… that is when it hit me the hardest and I found myself not wanting to live anymore. It was actually reaching out to encourage somebody else that totally turned things around for me, and made me feel good about myself, and got me excited about living again…