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Be Hard on Yourself- Cardone Zone

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We all need to be tough on ourselves. That means being honest with ourselves. Taking a hard look at our environment, situations and how we are acting and making decisions. You need to make sure you are protecting yourself and personal environment. And sometimes, many times in fact, that will involve making hard decisions. The right thing is almost always the hardest thing to do.

For example, if you are doing a business deal with a friend and someone else presents better terms, you have a hard decision to make. Your deal with your friend would be detrimental to you. You have to make the hard decision and ensure you are ok. You might risk the relationship by doing the right thing for you. But remember no one thing will ever blow the deal. So why should it blow a friendship?

You need to practice being hard. Tell yourself the truth. Ask for the truth. Hear the truth.

Being hard takes effort and commitment. Others around you will appreciate it though. If you are soft on people, they won’t respect you. They’ll grow bored and unappreciative. But when you are tough and have a tough environment, it challenges people. They’ll be engaged, committed, happy to have problems to solve and they’ll be satisfied.

When you make the hard decision, you help more people.

Make the hard decision to work the weekend to earn more income. Decide NOT to spend your money on something you don’t need. Don’t go out and party. Decide not to spend money you don’t have or were saving to invest. That’s when you’ll be the best person you can be.

Make a list where you’re tough and where you’re soft. Most will find the soft outweighs the tough by a large margin.

Be tough. It won’t mean you’re angry, upset or a nasty person. It means you’ve made the commitment to be someone better. Someone willing to have a purpose and defend their position and protect what’s important to them.

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