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Basic Needs – Grant Rant

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You are not interested in “getting by.” You are interested in getting enough so you can succeed.

You need more than basic needs to succeed. You need more than just a job, you need more than just health coverage, you need more than just an education, you need more than just a place to come to work and you need more than just your basic needs. What are basic needs? Look, basic needs are; housing, food, clothing and transportation. You need more than that. If that’s all you are looking to get, that’s all you will get. Life is brutal. You are not planning on emergencies, that’s why people are shocked “oh my God, I’m so surprised that happened.” Or you hear about the media. The media says “there are more bankruptcies in this country because of some terrible sickness, well that’s true. But the reality is this person wasn’t prepared, because they were just going for basics needs. Most of mankind is going for just basic needs. I’m suggesting to you here, you need more than basic needs to succeed. You are not interested in “getting by.” You are interested in getting enough so you can succeed. What would that mean to you? Sit down after this is over and write down a short essay. What would success look like and how is that different from just your basic needs. The reality is this, the guy that sleeps in a homeless shelter tonight has jacket on his back, he’ll sleep on a cot, he’ll be in a soup-line, he’ll get a piece bread—had his basic needs met. Is that what you want? That same individual had something bad happened. He might be very intelligent, could have gotten an education, had a job at one time and had enough bad breaks and that’s where he finds himself tonight. So I want you to write this down, what are basic needs and what would success look like. You need more than basic needs to succeed.

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