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We’ve all heard it. The business is in a slump- “we need to get back to basics”. Things aren’t going well with the workout plan and the diet- “I just need to reset and get back to basics”. Have you ever wondered “what are the basics”?

The root origin of the word basic means “bottom, foundation, pedestal” (if you don’t know what those words mean either, look them up before moving forward). Essentially, “back to the basics” means go back to the beginning, the starting point, the very first step. The only time I go back to the beginning is when I’m rehearsing an arbitrary action (like a dance move, a script, etc. something I’m just memorizing in the order that it was made up) or when I lose something or am lost myself. So when we don’t succeed, “back to the basics” means go back to the beginning. Well this apparently only makes sense when we are arbitarily memorizing or rehearsing something OR if we’re lost. I expect that your success is not an arbitrary, memorized rehearsal. Success must have personal meaning and belong to YOU. I also truly hope you aren’t lost and haven’t misplaced your success to the point you need to go all the way back to square one to find yourself or it.

Picture this- I’ve set an investing goal and did not achieve it…well, “Back to Basics” and I restart all the way from the beginning at my very first job. Or worse yet, I begin memorizing and rehearsing the same plan that just proved to me that it doesn’t work. How much sense would these ridiculous actions make?

So what should we do when we don’t succeed? Promote! First things first, we need to communicate to the world what we intend to do. Why? Because, with any goal, our biggest problem is lack of communication and non-existence with those who can help us. Out of 7 billion people there are a number of them that will either just straight up help you achieve your goals OR that benefit as a by-product of you achieving your goals and will help you for those reasons (an example of this symbiotic relationship would be a Wealth Coach at A.G. Capital Group. We succeed as a byproduct of you achieving your financial goals. It’s in our best interest that you win with your money. Speak with a Wealth Coach today!)

Next we execute! We’ve let the world know what we intend to do. “World, I intend to invest $750,000 in real estate this year!” Guess what? Now we get to go earn and accumulate $750,000! But first, I’ve got news: The Secret, the power of attraction, mind over matter; it’s all bullshit. Declaring grand wishes to the world with positive thoughts won’t do anything for you if it is not followed up by massive amounts of the right action. This is what I mean by execute. Go DO! If you DO the right thing for long enough you will get a payoff. Whether that is a monetary gain, physical health, improved confidence and knowledge…it is simply cause and effect. Once you have a gain though, this is where things become make or break. Most people fail right here!

Just because you’ve made progress towards your goal, doesn’t mean anything. You don’t stop and celebrate, you don’t slow down and pace yourself, and you certainly don’t get “creative” (just a self sabatoging term for “distracted”). This is the time where we trim the fat! We’ve experienced success! That’s great news! Why? Because now we get to look back at what did contribute and what did not contribute. We strengthen the things that did contribute. We get rid of what did NOT contribute, with abandon. You give it up no matter how attached you may be. It isn’t productive and must go. Sound too intense? That may be why you haven’t achieved your goal yet. You must be judgmental and decisive in promoting, demoting, or terminating people and things in your life in relation to the goals that really matter.

So practically what does this all look like? Let’s say I’m broke. I could go “back to basics” and get the budget out again, memorize my expenses, follow some arbitrary financial steps I learned from a tv or radio entertainer, and hope it works this time. I definitely could do that. But that’s what I did last time and I ended up here. If you recall, I’ve just decided I don’t like here. So instead I need to promote! I need to get in communication with people who have money and needs and could pay me so that I can become solvent. Now these people have shared their needs with me and my responsibility is to go do the very things they need. When I do these things, I get paid and when I do them a lot, I get paid a lot! Neat concept huh? Now that I’ve gotten paid a lot, I don’t slow down, pace myself, or try to be creative. Instead I clamp down and trim the fat! I cut out any action that isn’t helping me fill these needs and get paid. No Netflix, no mindless Facebook scrolling, no spending my time with unproductive people; I have a goal to attain (unless these people or things are more important than my goal, I should have no trouble giving them up). Conversely, I need to strengthen the things that are helping me. Maybe I get an extra hour of sleep, I buy better quality groceries, I spend time with positive & productive friends, I finally buck up and spend the $90 on the gym membership, and I update some of the tools I use to serve my new clients.

You see, “back to basics” doesn’t work because the basics got us where we are. And if we aren’t happy where we are, “back to basics” is the epitome of Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

This is an easy cycle to fall into and a very difficult cycle to get out of. That’s why I have hired Wealth Coaches who are trained specialists in helping you identify and break this very cycle with your finances.

Stop being insane with your money. Try something different. Click here to speak with a Wealth Coach. (if the link doesn’t work, paste this in your browser: )

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential

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