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Ask the Pro with Grant Cardone

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Dustin Ruge comes on Ask the Pro with Grant Cardone. How can you get to be a top 20% earner? Drive and process. You need to be hungry but also create a great system. Systems can be CRM’s but successful habits can be a system. Good habits include being on the offensive, not defensive. All the top earners are really good at sales and marketing. Most small businesses, dentists, lawyers, etc. are not good at selling and marketing. 80% of small businesses fail because they don’t know how to sell and market. What is the ROI on obscurity?

Sales and marketing work together. They aren’t separate. You sell yourself first, not the product. People ask whether they want to do business with you, so stop pitching and start having conversations—know the needs of each client. Dustin says that you are either being underpaid or overpaid. You are never paid fairly. Activity x Effectiveness = Results. Activity is limited. Effectiveness is unlimited. If you are good with your time—your activity, you can get really good at your effectiveness.