Will You Survive The Robot Takeover?

Will You Survive The Robot Takeover?

09 Jun

Jack Ma, the Chinese tech billionaire behind e-commerce giant Alibaba.com, recently predicted that “pain” is coming to much of the world very soon. He was referring to the fact that over the coming decades, robotics, artificial intelligence, and more advanced manufacturing is going to make large portions of the human workforce obsolete. 

It will become much harder to earn a living for many people as jobs across various industries are increasingly filled by robots, rather than people.

Been to Panera Bread recently? You get my point.

The biggest predicted areas of jobs lost to robots in the coming years include:

  • Food preparation 

  • Food serving

  • Office and administrative support

  • Cashiers

Even jobs you think may be immune will be impacted, like truck driving, order delivery, and healthcare. As technology advances, more jobs will be hit. According to some* many metropolitan cities will lose more than 60% of their jobs.

This could be a change in the economy similar in workforce disruption to the Industrial Revolution where we will experience a massive shift of human jobs in a very short period of time. One moment everyone was farming, then in just a few decades everyone was in factories. The question is, are you ready for the next revolution?

Many cities will see large percentages of jobs lost to automation.

Some people debate about if new jobs will be created to replace the jobs lost to automation. Don’t wait for someone to create something for you, though. You must always be ready to create your own economy. The more you learn sales the less susceptible you will be to automation and technology being able to replace you. 

The fact is robots will be coming to take jobs from anyone and everyone who is average. Automation answers telephones, makes bank transactions, balances account ledgers, sells you movie tickets, and photographs you running a red light. Drones are replacing US postal workers and UPS drivers… and travel agents are virtually non-existent.

If your job is “secure”, that means it’s not competitive, there is no room for growth and you probably aren’t making much. You will be in danger of being replaced if…

  1. You aren’t increasing your skill sets and constantly learning new things to bring value to your company
  2. You have a bad attitude, a welfare attitude, or a, “I’ll do just enough,” attitude while never doing more than is expected of you
  3. You think small and have no vision
  4. You aren’t a problem solver

The answer to securing your future against technology is to become so great that no robot can replace the service you give, the attitude you bring, and the extra mile you take.

Be great,