Should a woman go after a man without a black Amex card?

Should a woman go after a man without a black Amex card?

19 May

With the idea that women can—and should—get their own money, independent of anyone else, I’m here to say: Every woman reading this should look for someone stacking paper. Someone with a lot of dough. Ideally, they should have a Black Amex card.

Ladies, get someone who makes more money than you can spend. In fact, get someone that has so much money they can afford to waste it on things like sports cars, designer clothes, boats, planes, and homes.

I have been poor, and for all those people that say money doesn’t make you happy, I can assure you that being broke doesn’t make you happy either. 

Being poor is not good for anybody, regardless of gender. If female birds select males based on who has the nicest nest, why fault women for digging for some gold? I don’t fault women for seeking out a partner with some money.

Think about the flip-side—should a woman go after someone that is unable to fund kids, parents, dreams, health problems and the unexpected? Of course not. Women that want a family should get with someone that has their financial house in order. Living on planet earth is expensive and regardless of how frugal you are it takes lots of money to have choices.

They should be able to take their black Amex—made of anodized titanium with the numbers laser etched into the metal—and be able to buy you the finer things in life.

Being a gold digger is a good thing. I’m digging for gold every day. If you aren’t digging for gold, what are you digging for? Women should not hide or deny the fact that they want massive wealth.

Here’s a word of caution though—many people throw money around when they don’t really have that much of it, or it’s all on credit. It’s quite possible that the guy or gal with the Lambo is not a true baller. Baller Money is for people who have total confidence in how they position themselves in life. Not because they are cocky, but because they threw down and it paid off. Baller money is when you start making big time investments that change your life forever.

One way you can tell the difference between the real and the fake is the fact that their Lambo should be their 4th or 5th car, they should all be paid for, and they’ve got multiple garages.

Baller Money is opposite from Scared Chicken Money—when you have trouble covering your monthly rent. I would not want either of my daughters to go after a dude with scared chicken money, would you?

A guy doesn’t need to be 6’2 with green eyes to be a catch. If he takes care of business—in the boardroom and the bedroom—women will dig that. So if you’re a man, get your money right to get the woman you want. If you’re a woman, get your own money right—and look for a man that already has his right.

I’m just telling it like it is.

Be great,