Inflation is a Lie and the Middle Class is a Myth

Inflation is a Lie and the Middle Class is a Myth

02 Sep

The government is lying to you about inflation and the middle class is a myth. All government reports deny inflation, yet if you make $68,000 annually where I live in Miami you can’t pay your bills. While commodity markets are getting crushed, the reality is you don’t keep copper, oil, and wheat in your refrigerator.

The cost of living in Miami, where we have our offices, suggests that $68,000 is break-even for a family of two with one child. In San Fransisco, that number can swell to North of $160,000. What does this say of those in the middle class that are making above median wages? It means that the middle class is a pure myth! I have been saying this for some time now, and it will only worsen.

If you want to change the conditions in America you don’t do it by talking about protecting the middle class and raising minimum wage. The American family is being warned. Get out of the middle class or continue to be punished. No political group can save some 200,000,000 people that make up the “middle class”.

Here’s the cost of living in some major cities:
Washington DC: $106,493
Los Angeles: $73,887
New York: $98,722
Chicago: $71,995
Miami: $68,503
Atlanta: $63,888
Houston: $60,608

I want you to do well, so I will always tell you the truth without sugar coating things. You need to make more money! Just getting by is almost as bad as being dead broke. I know–I have done both.

The only way to do that is to bring in more revenue so you can be compensated for it. Anyone can learn how to make more money – anyone. If you want to learn how to close more sales and make more revenue, check out my new eBook Secrets to Closing the Sale.

Secrets to Closing the Sale

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    Thank You so much for all value you put out.. I am now committed to helping families understand the inportance of Sell something or Die.

  • Average cost of living for a 4 member family in my town is less than 10.000$ per year

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