Become a Millennial Millionaire

Become a Millennial Millionaire

05 May

According to figures published last month by the U.S. Census Bureau, earnings have declined despite today’s young people being better educated than 40 years ago. Even though more people than ever have bachelor’s degrees, 41% of men and 58% of women between the age of 25-34 make less than $30,000 a year. The ideal age most Americans believe they should be financially independent of their parents is 21, but only 28.9% are actually reaching that goal.

Experts are now calling this financial delay of independence “emerging adulthood”. Look, if you are a millennial, forget about this “emerging adulthood” idea that’s attempting to make it normal to be in your parents’ basement at 26. Don’t aim to be normal, don’t aim to be average. Aim to be GREAT. You don’t need to be living at home—it’s time to get your money right.

I’ve talked about becoming a millionaire by 30, but who wants a million dollars RIGHT NOW?

You can be a doctor or a big-time attorney and make $200K, but if you want to go for the million-dollar threshold, you must understand everything about how to make money fast.

Over 300K people in the US alone become new millionaires every year.

That’s 821 Millionaires being made every day in this country.

That’s 34 new Millionaires every HOUR

Whether you are 26 or 52, when is it going to be your turn?

You don’t need an Ivy-league education or a high paying salaried job. You just need the ability to become OBSESSED because that’s when you can start reaching your full potential.

At 25, I thought my potential was just to not use drugs on any given day. A year later I was focused on paying off $40,000 in debt and getting my income to $60,000 a year. By the time I was 29 and starting my first business, my goal was to match the $100,000 a year I had made in automotive sales.

Your potential expands and reveals itself over time as you discover more of what you’re capable of. I have always secretly believed I was capable of doing incredible things—and I believe you know you can too. Every single millennial reading this right now who lives with a parent is in some way unhappy, irritable, bored, discontent, depressed, or even angry. This is because they are settling for something less than they know they are capable of.

When I’m striving to achieve my full potential, I am at my happiest.

This is why I want to inspire you today to wake up and get obsessed. You want it all… and you deserve to have it all. You are capable of more. You deserve massive success so abundant it can’t be disrupted, taken away, diminished, or stolen.

You don’t deserve to be in your mid-twenties living with mommy. Those that suggest it’s normal are just trying to make sense of it—perhaps they gave up on financial independence themselves. There’s a popular saying that you are the 5 people you spend the most time with. Look around: If the people you see aren’t screaming success, they are validating average.

If knowledge is power, and I believe it is, then the issue is that most of us are getting the wrong knowledge. Unhappy people can’t teach you how to be happy, the poor can’t teach you how to get rich, and a guy in a failing marriage cannot teach you how to make your marriage work.

I want to help you realize your dreams.

Maybe you’ve given up on your dreams, but I know they are still inside of you. The fact is, dreams take resources and the greatest resource besides time is money. Nobody wants money just to have money—people want money so they can make their dreams come true.

I know how to make money, and I can show you how to make money to make your life easier. You might be one of the millions of millennials living in your parent’s basement right now, but you can become a millennial millionaire a lot quicker than you think. Get your FREE Millionaire Booklet right now!

Be great,