Fed up? Here’s how I fixed it and became wealthy in the process.

Fed up? Here’s how I fixed it and became wealthy in the process.

07 Jun

I started out many years ago in the automobile industry. I was 23 years old when I got in the car business. I started in a low traffic dealership that was basically one of those aluminum temporary buildings. It probably cost only $4k to put that little temporary building up… and it only fit two desks. Sometimes the air-conditioner worked, sometimes it didn’t.

But, I learned more in that little building about business, discipline, work ethic, teamwork, opportunity, follow-up, persistence, and character than any place I’ve ever learned anything including 17 years of school.

I hear people say, “I’m just a little used car dealer or network marketer or just a salesman,” and I’m like, “No you are a business.” You own a business. You operate a business and you are vital to our society. You give people jobs. When I left college nobody would hire me—except a used car dealership. It gave me a place to go every day instead of going and getting into trouble.

Are you fed up looking around and saying, “Hey, there’s no greatness anywhere to be found around me?”

I’m just the grocery man, I’m just a barber, I’m just this guy, I’m just that girl… If it weren’t for businesses like a car dealer, barber, and the grocer you wouldn’t have schools, hospitals, lawyers, and all the other “big” things. 

You are reading this to learn, right? If you are here to get entertained, the comedy club and strip joints are elsewhere. What I want to do is educate you and give you the information you can actually use in the marketplace that makes you take better care of your family.

I write books and articles but most people don’t read. The average American reads one book a year. You’ve got people that you’re hiring and they don’t read. The last time they read a book was 11th grade and they were forced to read a book they didn’t want to read, so now they don’t read anymore, but your business depends on those people.

The closest they get to reading today is the Internet. They go on the Internet and Google something, and the next thing you know they’re in a mass confusion on a subject. They look to Facebook posts from their friends for daily motivation and read their quotes on Instagram.

Your job and my job is to reach your employees, the people that your business is dependent upon—because your business is dependent upon people, not technology, not a CRM, not advertising, not the economy—your business is dependent upon people.

You can have the right inventory but you need somebody to sell the right inventory. Even if you have the wrong inventory, you need somebody to sell it so you can move on to the right inventory.

Sell or Be Sold is a book I wrote, my first book I ever wrote. It happened when the economy collapsed in 2008 and half of my business was dependent upon auto dealers so half my business got choked off. The other half of my business was real estate, and what do you think happened to that? Total choke off. I was getting tapped out from all around me.

My wife says, “What’s going on?” I told her we’re going to die. She’s like we’re not going to die, you’re the one that talked me into this marriage, you sold me on you. You said life would be good because of you. Now get out there and make it good. So I walked in my office and I wrote Sell or Be Sold that day. 

I take a long time to write most books, I’ve got a book that took a year, but Sell or Be Sold had been sitting in me waiting, I just needed the right amount of compression to write it. The original version of Sell or Be Sold had a lot of problems, like it had a lot of misspelled words in it. I’m from Louisiana man. People would call me telling me I had misspelled words everywhere. I told them, “Are we selling it?” I don’t need a grammatical masterpiece; I need to sell.

You tell me something more valuable to this economy than selling a product. You tell me one thing more important to your family than selling a product into the marketplace and getting somebody to exchange money, gold, silver, favors, haircuts, massages—whatever you find of value. Selling a product is a big deal. Why? Because money gets things going.

Somebody working at Apple, they think they’re a genius because that’s how what they are called every day. What do you call your people? Used car salesman? If you get treated like a car salesman, you act like you aren’t important. So my message to you today is you’re important, you’re vital. Even the president can’t change the economy without your help.

Back in the day one out of four people in Lake Charles, Louisiana was out of work. It was a refinery town back then; it didn’t have casinos yet. One out of four people were literally out of work. I got an accounting degree and I got out of college, and only a used car dealership would hire me.

The planet is broken, so how can you find good people? You can’t. Just imagine where people get their information from today. People hanging around five or six losers, or they take a step up just hanging around five or six average people—what’s the difference?

When will you get sold, when will you get all-in on your business? Do you believe your business could be doing better than it’s doing right now? You know there’s opportunity. You know that 64% of American businesses break even or lose money? This is what middle-class Americans have come to—we don’t brag about making money, we brag about, “I’m up a little bit,” or, “I’m about even.”

8 trillion dollars have been printed in the last eight years so if you’re even, your upside down.

That’s why I’m holding a 3-day Sales Boot Camp this July where you or your team can come down to Florida and get hands-on training with me and my best sales guys. Everybody has been asking me how I train my own people, and what it’s like working for me. Well, here’s your best chance to find out.

Be great,