Did You Fall For the Unicorn Frap Trap?

Did You Fall For the Unicorn Frap Trap?

04 May

A couple of weeks ago Starbucks rolled out a color-changing drink called the Unicorn Frappuccino that drove large amounts of traffic to its stores during its five-day release. With 59 grams of sugar, I’m sure it tasted like a birthday cake—and if it didn’t bring you into a diabetic coma, the pink and blue presentation was at least Insta-worthy. Starbucks did well to create a viral campaign to spike traffic, but I still stuck with what I call my Mr. Black, 4 shots of espresso with foam to the top, no milk.

And why did they call it a Unicorn? Because a Unicorn is a mythical, magical creature that was hard to find and a blessing to even see. In the world of business, a Unicorn has been defined as a startup valued at more than a billion dollars.

Today, I want you to consider the word Unicorn in a new way—consider yourself becoming so excellent at something that you become that rare diamond in the rough, that you stand out and become a legend. Stand out like a Unicorn.

A Unicorn will do 2 things:

  1. Be hungry to make a difference in their position.

  2. Do the things that others refuse to do.

I will give you a real life example of a Unicorn.

I used to visit a Starbucks every day, and often the same barista—day after day—would be there behind the counter serving me. He had a great attitude and always smiled. He was always enthusiastic, made me feel welcome, and gave me good service. I appreciated that, and so one day I invited him to come and visit my office. Now, he works for me and makes 10 times what he did at Starbucks. That’s how the 10X rule works.

The lesson is this: he didn’t have to go and look for other opportunities thinking the grass was greener elsewhere—he just became great where he was at. If you become great where you are, you can get promoted or other people will find you and want you to work for them.

There were plenty of Starbucks baristas I’ve encountered who weren’t great, and many of them are probably still in the same position today, doing just enough to not get fired each day and complaining about a lack of opportunity.

Unicorns are rare, so when you see one you will know it.

Typically, there are 3 types of people at any company—this goes for just about any business in any industry:

1. Mr. Lame: Underperforming, missing targets; constantly making excuses; changing jobs frequently because he’s unhappy.

2. Mr. Average: In the middle; average levels of activity. Does just enough to keep everyone marginally satisfied yet everyone—both him and the employer—are left unfulfilled.

3. Mr. Top Producer: Constantly operating at levels higher than those around him. This leads to him getting comfortable and doing less than his potential. This leaves room for dissatisfaction. Top producer guy will start to get bored and the employer will try and disregard shortcomings by rationalizing, “well, he’s the best we’ve got.”

There’s one group of workers that don’t fit in any of the 3 above:

Mr. Unicorn: Has an insatiable appetite for success; Understands his potential and is in an all out sprint, all the time to get there. He stands out because he’s exceptional compared to the average.

Like its mythical name, the Unicorn comes with a bit of magic. Whether you are a Frappuccino or not, you too can stand out from others… and to move forward in your career you must! There is a bit of magic within you just waiting to come out.

If Steve Jobs did what he did, if Walt Disney did what he did, if Oprah has done what she has… it only shows that people can do amazing things with their life no matter where they came from, what they look like, or who people told them they could be. Unicorns exist.

Be great,


P.S. If you want to become a Unicorn, I have exactly what you need.

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