8 Quotes Guaranteed to Piss People Off

8 Quotes Guaranteed to Piss People Off

10 May

We all say things that we might later regret. Sometimes I say things off the cuff and I may not really mean it, it might be a joke, or I might partially mean it? Or maybe I am being completely real in the moment. Which of these do you think I mean?

Quote #1: “If I was woman I would definitely be a gold digger and I would never go out with any guy who had a credit score below 600.”

Quote #2: “If the kids wake you up in the morning, you don’t have your shit together.”

Quote #3: “California is the Soviet Block, with better weather.”

Quote #4: “If you’re overweight by eighty pounds get off your fat ass and get to the gym!”

Quote #5: “If your only car is a two seater you are a pretender.”

Quote #6: “People that just make enough to get by are selfish, unwilling to do whatever it takes to get ahead.”

Quote #7: “Don’t be a little bitch ain’t just for girls.”

Quote #8: “The middle class is the most suppressed, restricted, and over looked group in the world.”

Like me or hate me you can count on me to keep it real. Please post in the comments the quote you know is guaranteed to piss someone off. Become obsessed with improving your life, improving your condition, dominating your finances, and taking control of everything—good or otherwise—that happens in your life.

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Bonus Quotes

“Buying a house is one of the dumbest investments you can ever make, followed by college.”

“If your in-laws don’t buy your products, you’re an embarrassment to salespeople.”

“If you are still picking your hotels based on free breakfast you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“You criticize me and I don’t even know you.”

  • Maverick007

    Why are these “guaranteed” to piss people off? I think these quotes are just examples of people expressing opinions based on the formative experiences they’ve had. If someone said these to me I wouldn’t get mad. I would engage and ask them their reasons and rationale for making such beliefs, and then I would share my opinion on the same subject(s).