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We Recommend Aero & Marine to Others- Tom Alston

“I actually learned a lot. We recommend Aero & Marine to others. It sure worked for us!” When the owner of a Southern California produces company needed to purchase a Beechcraft Baron airplane, he turned to Aero & Marine Tax Professionals to help him save money on the sales tax. A company executive, Mark Vestal, […]

“They Kept Me on Track” Testimonial -Tom Alston

“They kept me on track and made sure that everything that we did was legitimate and within the law and in total compliance with regulations.” When a Vacation Rental company needed assistance in supporting a claim for a use tax exemption on the purchase of a Falcon 900, saving them approximately $560,000.00 in aircraft tax, […]

Sales Tax Exemption for Plastic Surgeon- Tom Alston

Mr. Alston is the CEO of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals. Mr. Alston’s four decades of management and marketing experience are the foundation and guiding hand for all of Aero & Marine Tax Professionals’ activities. Aero & Marine Tax Professionals is the premier California sales and use tax consulting firm specializing in the area of […]

The Stage 2 Show-JD Frost

J.D. Frost & Company, PLLC is a public accounting firm which offers a variety of assurance and tax services to businesses and individuals in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas, with a particular focus on construction, real estate, and manufacturing. Subscribe to this podcast! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-stage-2-show/id1434715112?mt=2

What Is Wealth Creation Coaching? – Jerry Fetta

The main thing my company provides is Wealth Creation Coaching. The main thing my clients are looking for is Wealth Creation Coaching. Today I want to explain to you what the Wealth Creation Coaching process looks like so that you have a better understanding of what it entails and you can become interested in it. […]

Tough Clients Equal Opportunities – Aero Marine Tax Pros

A tough client admits “Honestly I think you’re an expert in your business and I would recommend you to other people.” Sacramento, CA: AERO&MARINE Tax Professionals, (http://aeromarinetaxpros.com), an aircraft tax specialist firm, recently assisted an aircraft charter company in supporting a claim for a use tax exemption on the purchase of a Cessna CJ2 saving […]

What to Think About Retirement – Jerry Fetta

What Do You Need to Consider Before You Can Retire  0 Comments Retirement. The moment you can stop working and begin enjoying your freedom. I refer to this as financial freedom, because I do not agree with the connotations surround retirement and how it is done, but ultimately we all desire freedom. We want to […]

How Valuable Are You at Your Current Job?

WHAT IS VALUE? The dictionary defines it as the “monetary worth of something” or “a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged.” Value is really a fancy word that means creating worth. If something matters, it has worth and becomes important to people. How can you become more important to people […]

Living Your Dream Life – Jerry Fetta

By Jerry Fetta My clients work with me and my company because they don’t want to wait. They want to enjoy life now. They want to do what they love, travel, learn, grow, and make an impact. The bottom line is that my clients do not want to live life in deferment. There is a […]

How To Quadruple Your Bank Account- Jerry Fetta

How would you like 4x more money saved in the bank than you have now? Who wouldn’t? If you have $10,000, you’d have $40,000. If you had $100,000, you’d have $400,000. Believe it or not, my client David actually experienced this over the last 6 months. When I first met with David he had less […]

Chad and Sandy Neumann- Yacht Owner Destination

If you own a yacht and a set of golf clubs, there is only one community in Jacksonville you’ll want to call home. Founded in 1990, Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club is like a hidden paradise tucked away behind its long winding entrance off of Atlantic and Hodges Boulevards. You’d never guess behind that […]

Chad and Sandy Neumann: Alhambra Dinner Theatre

Alhambra Dinner Theatre Alhambra Dinner Theatre is NOT the same place you visited just a few years ago! If you haven’t been there in a while, you’d better check out the new & improved Alhambra Dinner Theatre for a family-friendly night out. WATCH: ALHAMBRA DINNER THEATRE All the world’s a stage!  But one of the […]

Jerry Fetta-What Is The Best To Build Wealth

Most of the people who become my clients are initially looking for more certainty with their money, create wealth, and have more freedom. They want to know how money works, they want to see results, and they want wealth. That’s the bottom line. So they question is why us? And what does Wealth DynamX do […]

Dr. Eric Cole- Reboot Your Router

In recent news, the FBI recommends that you reboot your router.  While good advice, a lot of the news articles to do not really address why this is important and more importantly what other long term measures should be taken.  The short answer is many routers used by individuals and small business to connect to […]

Bartram Springs Real Estate- Chad and Sandy Neumann

Why Bartram Springs?   Why is everyone moving to St. Johns County? A-rated schools are high on the list. Close proximity to beaches, historic St. Augustine and outlet mall shopping. But most exciting are all the new home developments like this one!   We’ve helped lots of families find new homes and extra space in […]