5 Key Benefits Of CRM & Modern Phone Systems – Bullfrog

The way most modern businesses run their business is changing. Business is not limited by distance anymore. Nowadays, businesses handle a lot more leads, prospects, and clients than they used to. Without using the right CRM, the workload would be unbearable for most small and medium businesses. The following are the direct and indirect relationships […]

Are You a True Entrepreneur? – Partem

You feel like you have a great idea that you could turn into a business. Click here for more information:   You believe there is money to be made with this idea. But do you have what it takes? Are you ready to commit to being a real entrepreneur? Do our test to see if […]

Best Investor Websites and Apps – Keith Weinhold

This is a list of apps and websites that are helpful to real estate investors like myself. They are the best resources to help you with time creation, wealth, productivity, and anything you do. Learn more about Keith Weinhold and Get Rich Education (GRE) here: The most common resources out there are Google Earth, Zillow, etc. However, here […]

Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Sales Team – Bullfrog

Every sales team faces the challenge of maintaining their passion. A few big reasons for this are stale sales strategies, a lack of collaboration, and antiquated business tools. Applying the following steps can help you boost your sales team’s passion:    Healthy Competition: A sales team can both work together while also experiencing a healthy sense […]

Defining True Success – Partem

 A 3 step guide to understanding what you really yearn for Click here for more information: “I want to be happy and successful “ is the most common answer people give when asked about their future. But what is success?  To some, success is about power, wealth, status or fame and to others those concepts […]

Advantages Of Single-Family Income Property – Keith Weinhold

Back when I was 15-year real estate investor, my deals were made up by both single-family income property and buildings. Learn more about Keith Weinhold and Get Rich Education (GRE) here: The reason why apartments get so much attention by real estate investors is because they create wealth. The economies of scale that apartments have look great when […]

Lead Generation for Contractors – Pro Service Finder

When it comes to getting leads, contractors need a steady flow to stay in business and make more money. Pro Service Finder, LLC is a nation wide internet lead service company  that will help grow you business and get you more leads. We provide the best contracting lead tools to our partnered contractors. Could you […]

Make Money in Network Marketing – GAMP

Are you are involved in any network marketing, direct sales or MLM company? We have a full solution for you. Pay attention to this offer if you want to work from home or even make your downline and product sales grow substantially. TEXT GAMP to 72000 to sign up Network marketing relies on a network […]

Own Your Future – Partem

8 tips to start creating the future you want today. Click here for more information: Are you dreaming of a better job, a better relationship, a better life, a better future?Waiting for the right opportunity? Then it is time to wake up, because you are letting your circumstances define you! If you want change tomorrow,you […]

10 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Real Estate

I’ve done $750 million of real estate, and yes, some of those were homes. The first home I got was $78,000, my next home was $178,000, then I moved up to $800,000, then $3,000,000, then $8,300,000, and finally a $10,000,000 home. I’m here to tell you today buying a home is stupid. Here are 10 […]

Learn How To Grow Your Wealth – Keith Weinhold

Have you ever wished you could have more wealth? Well, if you are reading this it’s because you have. Learn more about Keith Weinhold and Get Rich Education (GRE) here: There exists a common misconception that in order to make more money you must reduce your expenses. Actually, quite the opposite is true. To grow your wealth you […]

5 Benefits Of Modern Phone System For Law Firms – Bullfrog

Without a doubt, constant economic fluctuations and ever evolving business practices cause stress for law firms each day. In today’s economy, unless law firms adopt a game-changing technology, it is difficult to survive.  One of the unique challenges law firms face is a lack of collaboration and communication tools.  It is becoming abundantly clear that […]

Join The Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise – TheCamp

The best transformation center in the country is now the best franchise to own! Join One Of The Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise In The World Here! 62 Camp Franchise and counting 26 Corporate/Partner owned Camp Transformation Centers Get involved in a positive, life-changing industry Comprehensive training and support by industry experts Request Info On How […]

 Five Reasons Why You Need A Modern Phone System – Bullfrog

Manufacturing businesses have unique challenges that require a unique approach.  This is how a modern business phone system can help manufacturing enterprises. 1. Training and Development: Finding skilled labor is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing business. Therefore, they rely on training and developing their new employees at a huge cost of capital. Having a […]

5 Reasons To Be Selfish – Harish Rao

5 reasons why comparing yourself to others will make you fail Why is everyone else always so much better than you?  Why are they . Well, in reality this is all in your heard and I will tell you why you need to change your mindset because comparing yourself to other will have you […]

Why You MUST Implement ERP To Your Business – Ben Rife

 Most modern businesses rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for their day-to-day business needs. Implementing the right ERP software can improve your productivity, efficiency and decrease cost.  ERP is no longer just for big business, now many small and medium size businesses are implementing ERP to streamline their process, manage invoices and inventory.    These are top four reasons why you must integrate […]

How to Use Real Estate to Get Wealthy Now – Keith Weinhold

Have you ever wondered how Amazon achieved such monumental success as an online retailer? Learn more about Keith Weinhold and Get Rich Education (GRE) here:   They achieved success by developing the following: 1) Recurring revenue business model 2) Necessary products for everybody You can model this success with real estate, the only difference will be that this […]

How to Make Your Remote Workforce Efficient- Ben Rife

I’m Ben Rife, President, CEO, and Founder of Bullfrog, The Next Generation Business Phone System. I’m working from my deck today and I came across an article that highlights a business trend that I wanted to share with you. Aetna, the Health Insurance giant, announced that they are hiring more than 400+ remote workers, employees […]

The Real Risk is Doing Nothing – Partem

Follow your butterflies. Click here for more: The real risk is doing nothing.   Do you thrive in front of the camera? Do you always know exactly how to behave? Do you always know how to strike up casual conversations in big groups?   If your answer to those questions is yes, we are very […]

Love or Money: Why I Bought a Car I Didn’t Need

Love and money—did you know they are intimately connected? In sales, love solves problems. You can’t put a price tag on something you really love. This is why as a salesperson you should walk into every transaction completely believing that price is not the real issue for your customer. You know you’re going to hear about price, […]

#1 Way to Get More Customers

Does your business need a few extra jobs per month? Ask yourself, How much money does it take for your phone to ring for your contracting business? At Pro Service Finder, LLC we have created the #1 way to get service professionals and any contracting business more business. For contractors that signup with us we […]

FREE 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Saman Bakhtiar

Welcome to The Camp – Transformation Center, home of the FREE 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Samar Bakhtiar, personal fitness trainer and franchise expert of The Camp, wants you to join his result-proven challenge. “EMPOWERING OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH HEALTH & FITNESS” I get it. Hectic schedules, kids, more than one job, a house to take care […]

Why are Goals Important?

Goals are like the sails of our boat. Click here for more: Without goals we are like a rudderless boat. Goals has an impact on all aspects of your life. Author Jamie McIntyre says “If you write goals everyday you are a millionaire. If you write your goals twice a day you are a billionaire.” […]

Maximize You Marketing Campaign – Bullfrog

5 ways a modern business phone system can maximize your marketing campaign Currently, modern business phones come with numerous features that can enhance your marketing campaign.  The following are the best examples of how to leverage your business phone system to enhance your marketing efforts. Vanity Number: A vanity number provides you with a memorable […]

How to Avoid Shrinkage

Who here wants shrinkage — with anything? Let’s face it, bigger is better. Whatever the benefits are to downsizing, it’s a sign that you are on the way out. People who struggle in business have to downsize. People who didn’t prepare for retirement downsize. Becoming smaller is just a sign that you are contracting and no longer […]

The Vision of Partem

My vision is to enable outstanding people, products, and services. Click here for more: A couple of weeks back, I received a letter from my coach. This letter was written by me to myself in March 2016 where I had promised myself to mentor 40 people in 2016. I was disappointed when I read this […]

How Trumpcare Will Affect Your Business

If you pay attention to current events (I don’t) you may know that last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance. An executive order is when a president bypasses the checks and balances system and calls an audible which allows him to mandate new policies at his sole discretion. I want to […]

Get More Access to Work – Pro Service Finder

A/C Repair Pros to Window Cleaners. Want more jobs?   Be found on Pro Service Finder. We have an easy to use website and app that gives contractors a very high chance at closing new deals with customers. Pro Service Finder give contractors the chance to accept or pass on new leads searching for their […]

Having Problems Reaching your Goals?

Maybe the right question is, have you written them down? Or maybe you don’t have any? Click here for more: This is one of the big mistakes people make while going through life. In our day-to-day existence we forget to dream, we forget to set goals for ourselves both private and business. Sure, sometimes your […]

How Christoph C. Cemper Went From Zero to Number 1

Christoph C. Cemper founded his company LinkResearchTools (LRT), the global #1 real-time link protection & optimization platform for websites. He has been studying, testing and working with links since 2003. He refers to the term “Zero to One” from Peter Thiel’s book on business investment. According to the author, creating a completely new business in an […]