How to Avoid Shrinkage

Who here wants shrinkage — with anything? Let’s face it, bigger is better. Whatever the benefits are to downsizing, it’s a sign that you are on the way out. People who struggle in business have to downsize. People who didn’t prepare for retirement downsize. Becoming smaller is just a sign that you are contracting and no longer […]

The Vision of Partem

My vision is to enable outstanding people, products, and services. Click here for more: A couple of weeks back, I received a letter from my coach. This letter was written by me to myself in March 2016 where I had promised myself to mentor 40 people in 2016. I was disappointed when I read this […]

How Trumpcare Will Affect Your Business

If you pay attention to current events (I don’t) you may know that last week President Trump released an executive order regarding health insurance. An executive order is when a president bypasses the checks and balances system and calls an audible which allows him to mandate new policies at his sole discretion. I want to […]

Get More Access to Work – Pro Service Finder

A/C Repair Pros to Window Cleaners. Want more jobs?   Be found on Pro Service Finder. We have an easy to use website and app that gives contractors a very high chance at closing new deals with customers. Pro Service Finder give contractors the chance to accept or pass on new leads searching for their […]

Having Problems Reaching your Goals?

Maybe the right question is, have you written them down? Or maybe you don’t have any? Click here for more: This is one of the big mistakes people make while going through life. In our day-to-day existence we forget to dream, we forget to set goals for ourselves both private and business. Sure, sometimes your […]

How Christoph C. Cemper Went From Zero to Number 1

Christoph C. Cemper founded his company LinkResearchTools (LRT), the global #1 real-time link protection & optimization platform for websites. He has been studying, testing and working with links since 2003. He refers to the term “Zero to One” from Peter Thiel’s book on business investment. According to the author, creating a completely new business in an […]

So You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?

So you want to be a Real Estate Investor? Learn more at Its really not that hard .. Real Estate happens to be one of easier business to understand and learn. Buy at a lower price then you sell it for. In some cases buy the deal collect rent then sell it for a […]

Hiring for the Right Reasons

Here is how to find that perfect match… Click here for more information: The number one complaint among entrepreneurs is that they can’t find the right people. That’s interesting because when you talk to the employees they usually have a similar complaint they can’t find that perfect boss. So why is there so often a […]

Goal Setting for Teens

As the twig is bent, the tree grows. Click here for more: The beauty of being young is that you dream without limitations. You believe that you will make your dreams come true and become successful. As adults we should follow that example more often. Research shows that most adults don’t have a clear written […]

Give Great Customer Service Pro Service Finder

Get more customers for your service business Do you want to grow your revenue with more customers looking for your service? Could you use a few more leads per month? At Pro Service Finder, we make contracting easy. Pro Service Finder makes it simple for contactors to spend less and give our contractors a much […]

How to Create Wealth in Abundance Jerry Fetta

Wealth is a game of abundance. What does this mean? It means there is no scarcity. Wealth is not a zero-sum game. If one person wins it does not mean another person loses. Anyone who treats wealth as a scarcity is operating out fear. Today we are going to talk about how collaboration is one of the […]

Why Christoph C. Cemper Invests in Training

Christoph C. Cemper has built a business of backlinks on the internet.  He has mastered the art of creating unique traffic and organic traffic to sites like Hertz, Disney, and MTV.  His company,LinkResearchTools (LRT), trains individuals within the company to become more adept in backlinks and how this will create better traffic and more search […]

How To Convert Your Customers Pixel 506

How to seal the deal and convert your customers   So you have the best marketing campaign ever and you get some great leads. You have great search engine optimization (SEO) and people click on your website. The next piece of the puzzle is to drive conversions once you have leads.   It’s not enough […]

3 Tips to Reach Customers Faster – Pixel 506

What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the word on every tongue these days, but do you know what it really is? It means ensuring your website appears high on search engine result lists. Everyone wants people to come to their websites, right? Why is SEO important? It is more important than […]

You might not be in the right vehicle if…

When I talk about different types of vehicles, I’m talking about different companies you can trade your time and talent for in exchange for money. Finding the right vehicle is important for finding success in life. If you’re in the wrong vehicle you’ll lack opportunity and money. How do you know if you’re in the […]

The Most Effective Tip to Close More Deals

The Most Effective Tip to Close More Deals – Grant Cardone If you want to become a master in sales, you need to ask the right question. Amateurs ask things like, “So, what do you think?” Amateurs also have amateur paychecks. The greater you are in sales, the bigger your paycheck will be. All the […]

How to Be Focused with Tom Alston

A heartbreaking story. Mr. Alston shares the story of the loss of a friend but also looks at why these things happen and how you can help yourself and everyone around you to be safer as well as more effective in everything you do. Tom loves to talk and help anyone save money and improve […]

The Number One Financial Mistake – Jerry Fetta

The Number One Financial Mistake What is the number one financial mistake people make? It’s made by virtually everyone everyone in the country! This mistake is make is made in 2 instances. It has to do with over spending and penny pinching. I’m going to explain each of these instances in depth and what the […]

How to Create Workable Ideas

Sometimes the logic of the Board of Equalization can leave you stunned and amazed, and a lot annoyed. Fixed ideas about what is okay and workable and what is not might not always make sense. Luckily, Tom Alston and the Aero and Marine Tax Professionals team know the sales and use tax business when it […]

The Secret to Success in Sales – Harish Rao

Importance of communication Miscommunication is the most important part of communication😀 As per me, communication, for it to be effective, should have the following steps: 1. People think and feel. 2. As they think and feel, a thought process starts. 3. This thought process at one point generates an idea. 4. This idea is then […]

What is the Wealth Creation Formula? Jerry Fetta

My company WealthX offers a Wealth Creation Formula to all of our clients. It’s important to understand what that is and why you must have one. Wealth means “life by design”. Creation means to make or produce. A formula is a form, rule, or method. A Wealth Creation Formula is a method to make or […]

How Digital Marketing Makes You Money Pixel 506

You can’t just start doing digital marketing and expect it to work, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. The nature of digital marketing makes it easy for anybody to start, but without great strategy, it won’t work as well as you hope.   Here’s some tips for improving your strategy so that your […]

Why Grant Cardone TV is Ranked as the Best Site

Grant Cardone TV is an online digital network inspired by Grant’s search for greatness. He reminds you everyday that you must be willing to do anything and everything to succeed. In order to have that willingness, you must be completely committed to achieving your goals. Grant has released motivational and inspirational series on his network, […]

How to Find Your Perfect Career – Harish Rao

Find the perfect workplace FOR YOU! What to look for when you are applying for a job Ever thought you found the perfect job, you couldn’t wait to get started and than six months down the line you sit at your desk wondering what happened. Your boss is micromanaging every bathroom break you take, your […]

Do What You Love? Myth or Truth – Harish Rao

Do what you love……Mission or myth? “ Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life….” Great career advice or a great myth from the self- help industry that will leave you unfulfilled and disillusioned? Most proud baby-boomer parents, inspired by motivational guru’s, encouraged their millennial babies by saying they […]

3 Tips on Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency – Pixel 506

Why you should hire a digital marketing agency   There are marketers and there are people who KNOW how to market. I’m talking about the experts in new digital marketing tendencies. They’re on top of the trends. They’re the people who are constantly on social media, checking analytics, A/B testing, putting content out there, and […]

What You Should Invest In – Jerry Fetta

Investing is not something I learned about until I was 16 years old. I was shown a chart called The Rule of 72 and it showed how quickly money would double at a 3%, 6%, and 12% rate of return. I remember being in awe. That was the first time I realized it was possible for me to […]

The Truth About Wealth – Harish Rao

Wealth and the myths around it One of my friends is an entrepreneur. He has done very well for himself. A couple of months ago he was visiting his mom. During the course of the conversation, his mom started telling him why she does not like businessmen. She said that all businessmen are wealthy and […]

Are you successful or are you a nice guy? Harish Rao

Are you successful or are you a nice guy? When I ask people around me what their legacy should be, most people give me vague answers about their legacy. Most of the times, people’s legacies are not thought out properly. Instead of their legacy talking about their inner calling/ vision/ passion, the legacy talks about […]

Rebrand Your Company for More Wealth – Jerry Fetta

  I’ve rebranded my company, A.G. Capital Group to WealthX. Over the past 3 years we have evolved quite a bit as a company from our core values, our education, our products & services, and the degree of real help we can provide to people.  Wealth means “life by design”. “X” represents a mathematical symbol meaning […]