How to Increase the Top Line – Robert Syslo Jr

Grant Cardone TV is for those that want the truth. Grant Cardone TV is a tool that can be used by a range of people, from entrepreneurs to sales organizations, and anybody who has success on their midst and want to control where they get their news and solutions. This media channel is for those […]

How to Advertise on a Budget for Real Estate

Chris Rood is the owner of Hustle Wholesaling.  In this episode watch as he gives tips to promote and build a following online, market your properties when you do not have enough capital to advertise. Sweat equity is required in this game, watch as Chris shows you how to create a marketing plan that fits […]

5 Important Rules to Close a Deal – Bullfrog

  There are many steps in the process of closing a deal, and the following rules are critical in any sales strategy. Missing one of these steps may cause you to lose the deal.   Understand the problem you are trying to resolve: In addition to mastering your product features, invest your time learning how […]

A Must See for Marketing Innovation – Pixel 506

Digital Marketing: Innovation in Marketing Let’s get straight to it, digital marketing is the present and future of marketing. If you aren’t giving priority and devoting resources to digital marketing, then you’re going to fall behind. Why? Our society is changing more each year than we could have begun to imagine even ten years ago. […]

You Need More Money – Jerry Fetta

I could just leave the entire article summed up with this one sentence, but I will expound. I teach my clients that income is king. Passive or active, it doesn’t matter. You need income. I practice this myself as well. Income can only be earned through an exchange where one party feels a product or […]

A Tip for a Successful Business – Pixel 506

Are you doing enough to ensure the success of your business? Does your marketing include pre-engagement? Does your customer service include post-engagement?   You have to reach out and actively fight for your potential customer’s attention. Your customers rarely come to you completely organically. It happens, but do you really want to wait for that? […]

The True ROI of Digital Marketing – Pixel 506

What’s the point of putting money and resources into something if you don’t even know if it’s going to pay off in the end? Unless you’re an early-adopter, you’re not going to do this, not unless you are confident in the ROI potential of digital marketing.   General Statistics Predicting ROI is an art more […]

Sheeple and Money

Sheep have a tendency to follow the herd. Studies have shown that it takes only 5% percent to influence a crowd’s direction and have the other 95% follow without even realizing what is going on.* Sheeple can be defined as a mass of ignorant, unoriginal humans that herd together and follow mindlessly. This definition is not meant […]

What is a User Journey Map – Pixel506

Let’s say you’ve made yourself a nice, shiny, new user journey map. It’s pretty. It’s colorful. You look up from your map and ask yourself, now what? You’re right. Making the map is only one of the steps. Here’s what you need to know about using a user journey map.   User Profiles First of […]

How to Know Your Customer – Pixel 506

Customer Profiles: First Step to Knowing Your Customer When you are imagining the experience your customer is going to have with your product or service, you draw a map of the product/service. This helps you get a better mental image of the final experience you want them to have. In order to realistically imagine this […]

The Truth About Saving Money – Jerry Fetta

A person’s ability to save money is part of the holy trinity of wealth building. You see, we must all be able to make money, keep money (save), and multiply money. These are vital and even one of these is not done a person has a diminished chance of ever building wealth. Today I want […]

How to Make Your Customer Strategy Work – Pixel 506

Strategy is great. It’s crucial. You can’t succeed without it.   We all know this. It’s common knowledge. But all too often, the strategy that we are drafting and developing doesn’t go the way we plan when it’s time to execute it. Too often, the reality is very different than the theory.   Strategy must […]

Think and Grow Rich with Jerry Fetta

Contrary to popular belief, wealth does not begin with mindset. It begins with action. You see, before we decide “I want to be wealthy” we caused an effect in our lives that was one of two scenarios: We did something that caused wealth and said, “I want more of that”.  We did something that caused […]

7 Tips for Smart Aircraft Purchases – Tom Alston

Top Aviation Attorney Shares His Experience for Buying Aircraft By Thomas Alston Aircraft are never a small purchase, and the price tag gets very big, very fast. Like any big purchase, you need to be smart about the process from start to finish. That means assembling the right team of experts to help you through […]

Top 5 Roles and Positions You Should Never Outsource – Bullfrog

Managers and project coordinators: Direct employees have a deeper relationship with your business culture, and as a result, their reputation hinges on making your business a success. Managers must be loyal to the business brand, reputation, and business growth. The problem with managers who are outsourced is that their first loyalty is to their own employer.  […]

How to OverCome Adversity – Jerry Fetta | AG Capital

We’ve all had adversity before, right? Of course, adversity is hard times and struggles that we all face, isn’t it? Almost! The dictionary defines adversity as “unfavorable fortune or fate.” Although, the etymology of adversity is ” hostile or to turn against”. I like the etymology better than the definition. Why? Because the definition makes […]

How to Win in Your 40s

In the 2000’s I was in my 40’s. I was living in Los Angeles, I got married, and I also had the biggest financial crisis of my life during that time. It’s been said that most people experience a “mid-life” crisis some time in their 40’s, but my crisis was when the 2007-08 financial collapse […]

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face

Mike Tyson was fighting a guy by the name of Buster Douglas, on February 11, 1990. At that time, Mike Tyson was the undisputed, undefeated champion in boxing. When you’re undisputed and undefeated, you’ve got swag. Tyson had the swag, but Buster Douglas hit him in the 10th round, knocking him out. Anyone who has […]

Can Your Business Survive Service Outage?

In a world where nothing can be certain, running a successful business takes careful planning. Service outage is one of the unpredictable risks businesses face every day.  It can directly affect the growth and survival of the business. One of the worst types of outages that can paralyze your business is communication outage.   When […]

The Cost of Relocating Your Business

Relocating your business can be an absolute nightmare! It takes weeks of planning, coordination, and research. Unfortunately, the price of moving is death for many businesses. Also, relocation usually means unnecessary downtime for businesses. The length of this downtime depends on how long it takes to move and configure your network hardware. This is exactly […]