Why Fixed Price Accounting Makes Sense

Have you ever received an invoice for services that you had absolutely no idea was coming? As a consumer or a business owner, it’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. Surprise bills like this are impossible to plan for and can be frustrating because they always seem to be over the estimate. […]

Cardone Capital Acquires 240-Unit Class A Orlando Apartment Complex

MURANO ACQUISITION BRINGS GRANT CARDONE’S AUM TO $800,000,000. ORLANDO, FLA. —Cardone Capital, an Aventura FL-based multifamily investment firm, has acquired the upscale Murano apartment complex in Orlando, Florida. The seller of the property was a joint venture comprised of a trio of Miami-based real estate development companies—The Courtelis Company, Kislak Organization and HMG/Courtland Properties. The acquisition […]

Who’s Got Your Money?

Money is only yours for a moment. That moment is the minute you exchange to get it. That means you have two options. You can hoard it so that it is always yours or you can exchange it for something else of value. At the point you exchange it, the money is no longer yours […]

Show Your Accounting Some Love With These Simple Tips

It’s only February, but both in-house accounting departments and CPAs are neck-deep in tax preparation. You might not even see these champions of business until the spring flowers are blooming! Unfortunately, many of these long hours can be avoided by more diligent record keeping and document tracking. While the number crunchers remain buried in paperwork […]

Get to know the Millennial Market

Understanding your audience is crucial for selling to that audience.  You must know how they behave and think. An important part of doing this is to engage with your target audience. The Millennial generation is now the largest generation and is now the most prime target audience for marketers. The millennials are coming to the […]

How to Increase Your Income In Your Financial Plan

If you’ve done the Millionaire Math your first realization is that you don’t have the money required to achieve your wealth targets. It is plain as day. Many people go into scarcity mode at that point and quit. They think in terms of what they have instead of what they can create. To build wealth […]

How to Increase Your Leads Right NOW

Ted McGrath Learn more here: Ted McGrath has created 5 Household Brands and Made Millions Teaching Coaches, Speakers, and Service Based Business Owners How To Turn Their Life Story Into A Message That Impacts Millions and Makes Millions. He is in the Coaching, Speaking and Information Business as well as The Entertainment Industry, where he […]

Build the Perfect Funnel in 14 Days – Ted Mcgrath

Ted McGrath has created 5 Household Brands and Made Millions Teaching Coaches, Speakers, and Service Based Business Owners How To Turn Their Life Story Into A Message That Impacts Millions and Makes Millions. Click here to get access to your perfect BluePrint for Building Funnels – He is in the Coaching, Speaking and Information Business […]

Could You Go to the Moon?

NAVEEN JAIN AT 10XGROWTHCON 2 What you’ll learn from this article: There is no problem you can’t solve. INTRODUCTION It’s independent people that have the power now, not governments or massive, faceless companies. Entrepreneurs are the next superpower. Naveen Jain, an ultra successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, and face of Viome and Moon Express, believes that individuals can solve […]

How to Do the Millionaire Math

If you’ve made the decision to become wealthy, at some point you either have or will need to do the math. What will it take to get there? I want to suggest we base the math around you owning your potential rather than just being a millionaire. Why? Because millionaire IS the new middle class. […]

Tim Clark talks Amazon Alexa – Nikos

Amazon and voice commands. The company has more than 5,000 people working on the Alexa platform. And since just 2015, it has reportedly sold more than 20 million Echoes. One day, Amazon believes, AIs will do much more than merely control lights and playlists. They will drive cars, diagnose diseases, and permeate every niche of […]

How I Made the Millionaire Decision – Jerry Fetta

Decision is powerful. So is becoming a millionaire. It is no coincident that the word decide at its root means “to cut off”. That is not light vocabulary. Cutting something off means that we are choosing for one thing and against all other things that conflict. Today I am going to share with you Step 1 from Grant Cardone’s Millionaire Booklet. Why? Because […]

Why You Need to INVEST in Ecommerce Now – Coach Giani

investors: 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN ECOMMERCE NOW! Do you know this funny story about Jeff Bezos? Maybe not His first “storage or distribution center” that was just 400 square feet. It was just the size of a one-car garage; and one of his partners said “I can’t understand why he is extremely enthusiastic” […]

How to Create Wealth – Jerry Fetta

About 2 years ago, I read the Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone. That was the first time I had heard a simplified, workable formula for building wealth. Prior to that I was on the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps. I was stuck on “Baby Step 3” like almost everyone else on that program (saving an “emergency […]

You Need to Read This Story

Why the Old Fisherman is Incredibly Selfish What you’ll learn in this article: Just because a story is passed on as truth doesn’t make it true. INTRODUCTION Many of you have heard a version of this popular story I’m going to re-tell. The moral of this is that you shouldn’t try and go and make a […]

4 Tips for Excelling in Business – Jerry Fetta

This article marks the final edition of What Wealth DynamX Believes. The focus of the VIII part series is to communicate to you, the belief system of my company as it relates to helping you build wealth and own your potential. To read the previous editions click here. Today we will discuss the final 4 cultural values […]

Building Wealth Is Not Hard – Jerry Fetta

Wealth is a convoluted topic. To convolute something is to twist it or to make it complex. It means we over-complicate it. I spend 80+ hours per week helping clients build wealth. The number one thing everybody has in common is they create problems about wealth that in effect, make wealth out to be more […]


KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM 10XGROWTHCON2 1. Make a commitment and stick to it. 1. 10x is about being unreasonable. 1. Sales is an expansion activity. Expand or contract. 1. It’s about paying it forward  1. Dream Bigger! 1. Write down daily goals. 1. If you’re not the smartest person doing the work, work the hardest.  1. […]

How to Improve Your Life in March 2018

THE TIME YOU SPEND AT HOME IS JUST AS VALUABLE AS IN THE OFFICE  What this article will cover: What are you doing in your “off” hours to improve your life? INTRODUCTION You need to control your time at home rather than just haphazardly try to manage it. Setting priorities—not just at the office but at […]

10X For Life

GREAT MEN AND WOMEN OF TODAY AND OF YESTERYEAR EMBODY 10X PHILOSOPHY. What you’ll learn in this article: How 10X is a timeless principle for success in life. INTRODUCTION I wrote the 10X Rule 6 years ago and since that time it’s become a movement. It’s probably my most popular book, and this is because it deeply resonates with so […]

World’s Craziest Conferences—Including the Most Crazy

THE REALISTIC ARE THE MOST RIDICULOUS In this article, you’ll learn about the strangest conferences in the world. INTRODUCTION Why do people go to conferences? To meet like-minded people, to learn, and to have a good time. Conferences always center around one shared passion, one common interest. If there’s activity around something, there’s likely a […]

What Wealth DynamX Believes Part V – Jerry Fetta

A belief is simply an agreement. It is a subjective reality. Our beliefs generally are not factual objectively, but instead are depictions of who are and what our mindsets are. In other words, a belief says more about the individual believing it than it does about the world around that individual. My intention today is […]

Can You Get New Business at a Conference?

YOU’VE INVESTED IN A CONFERENCE, NOW WHAT?! What You’ll Learn in this Article: How to go beyond just passing out a business card that someone will throw away. INTRODUCTION People go to conferences to learn but also to network. The problem is, too many people have no idea how to actually pitch their product or service […]

The Culture of Your Company Matters – Jerry Fetta

Culture is something that is fought for, established, and protected. At its origin, culture literally means the tilling of land. I’ve talked about this before. Tilling means that an individual fighting for culture is going to get dirty, uproot what is in place currently, and manage the culture to make sure old weeds do not come […]

Las Vegas Truth Bomb

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas Isn’t True What you’ll learn in this article: Every day, everywhere, what you do matters. INTRODUCTION We’ve all heard the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” This slogan has become one of the most famous tag lines in the history of tourism marketing. It’s quoted, talked about, and […]

What is Operation: R3born – Jerry Fetta

Growing up I was actually homeless twice. Homeless by definition means: “lack of permanent housing”. There are varying degrees of homelessness. Some worse than others. Fortunately, my story was never life threatening. However that is not the case for some. You see, I live in Anchorage, Alaska, where it is currently 11 degrees Fahrenheit outside. […]

10X Mobile App Review

We were interested in 10x mobile app, and actually hadn’t downloaded it until recently. The 2018 10 X Growth Con is coming up real soon, so we were interested to see what perks this had to offer for conference experience. You can go to your apple store or play store, type in 10X and the […]

Cardone Capital Acquires 507-Unit Houston Apartment Complex

The Woodway Square acquisition brings Cardone Capital’s AUM to $750,000,000. PRWEB—Cardone Capital, a Miami-based multifamily investment firm, has acquired Woodway Square, a 507-unit apartment complex located in Houston, Texas. The seller of the property was Fairfield Residential. Woodway Square is one of the assets controlled by Cardone Capital’s $40 million Cardone Equity Fund. Grant Cardone, […]

Proof Selling is Everything

In this article, you’ll learn: How important selling is to get the life you want. INTRODUCTION Selling is a prerequisite for all the success you’re going create in your life no matter what you do. Regardless of your career, selling is for you. Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every […]

Trial Closes Could Make You $1,000,000 in 2018

TRIAL CLOSING IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THOSE WHO HAVE AND THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE In this blog you’ll learn: What a trial close is The trial close is like a test to see the level of ownership a client has taken. This is near the end of the demonstration and gives you an idea of what they […]

How to Prepare for a Business Conference – Tim Clark

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A BUSINESS CONFERENCE In any given year, you may plan on attending several business conferences. Business conferences are a great way to spark creativity and innovation, provide yourself with education, have in person networking, and market to potential clients. Currently Nikos Computer Engineering is preparing for the 10X Growth Con, as […]

Football Shows You How Life Works

HERE ARE SOME THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM RECENT GAMES In this Blog you’ll learn: How football is a metaphor for life. The Super Bowl is this week, and in football, as in life, some just can’t close the deal.  I’ve had deals I’ve felt good about that fell through. I thought it was a done deal, they said […]