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Are Your thoughts Limiting You – Grant Rant

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I am too old or too young needs to be knocked off because nobody cares. “I’m too old, I’m too young”. This person is really saying this “I’m self centered, I’m selfish and I’m only thinking about myself.” I got reasons why I can’t do it and I got reason why I can’t do it. I’m either to old or too young. Really? Who knows how old you are? Nobody is asking you. I wrote a book when I was fifty one years old. Nobody asked me when I wrote the book. When I got out of college, nobody asked me how old I was. When I got my first loan, nobody asked me how old I was. When I got my second loan nobody asked me how old — why are you thinking about this? Because you are consumed with your limitations.

“I am too old or too young” needs to be knocked off because nobody cares, man. Look, Jesus was thirty three when they killed him. Alexander The Great was sixteen when he took over planet earth. “I am too old, I am too young” are excuses of somebody that is exclusively thinking about themselves and their limitations. Knock it off, create, get outside of yourself.

Quit making excuses. You are not too old you are not too young and, hey, here is the bad part, nobody cares. You understand. Nobody cares about how old you are. You know what they are thinking about? They are thinking they are too old or they are too young, okay. Knock it off. Get your head right. Get what comes out of your face right. Nobody cares… You are not too young, you are not too old.

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